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5 Free Android Apps For Taking Control Of Your Life, And Making It Better

Ok, so these days, life is really a complicated business. It’s true that we don’t have to struggle for our survival, in fact, that has been taken care of by the infrastructure that the society has collectively put up, yes, but the dawn of a new age brings new problems. Whatever we do,many of us simply can’t manage life properly, and there remains a tingling sensation at the end of the day, that something went

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Pizza Corner Party – Experience a Slice of Life!

Pizza Corner has always been about innovations and providing best quality pizza at value for money. So when recently they organized Pizza Corner Party contest on Twitter and invited tweeple to take part in it, we jumped at the opportunity and ensured we refreshed our knowledge of how Pizza originated and how it is prepared over a period of time. All the famous Bangalore tweeps and food bloggers were invited to be there for a

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