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#BetterDemocracy: Polls 2015: Can Delhi voters get it right?

When Delhi went to the polls 13 months ago, the scenario was exuberant. There was an urgent need for change; a mini revolution was brewing. People, fed up with a corrupt and arrogant government, were looking for an alternative and Arvind Kejriwal arrived at the right time the right place. The Congress did not have much of a chance and the fight was between the BJP and the AAP. Since then much has changed. There is a new government with a formidable majority at the center. Modi’s ‘wave’ or ‘charisma’, whatever one wants to call it, is at work. It

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What Arvind meant of E-Commerce Scam and what was portrayed: A Detailed Analysis

Disclaimer: I am a huge Arvind Kejriwal fan and also a AAP volunteer. But at the same time I have criticized the party often and am a huge supporter of logic. If you are interested, still, go ahead or drop out. Aam Aadmi Party’s chief Arvind Kejriwal while addressing a group of traders in Delhi said that there is some scam going on in E-Commerce. Even if Arvind would have said something against a roadside dog, that would have become a massive issue. In this case he was possibly taking on India’s biggest spenders, the online sites so it got

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#BetterDemocracy: Is Democracy all about Surveys?

With elections nearing, the media channels will soon start helping you on whom to vote for. So, when you switch on your TV at 9 PM, you have an over animated television anchor who gives you advice on who is winning the poll. He presents you figures, which is followed by an even more animate television debate. I ask you a more important question, “Would you vote for the winning candidate or would you vote for the right candidate?” I know winning is important for a lot of people. But is that what is democracy all about, specially for the

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Why is the BJP so shy in Delhi?

Yesterday, I took a meeting in the Greater Kailash Vidhan Sabha. I am the observer there. The volunteers took another landmark decision of electing a Ward In Charge from among them. It was so good to see them electing their leader. That is what democracy is supposed to be. Post his election; the electors briefed the new Ward In Charge about his duties. He carefully noted and nodded to each of them. He has started his work from today. But, perhaps the people of Delhi are not that fortunate. There has been no government in Delhi since the last 8

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Volunteers4AAP : Service is your own reward

Organised Political action seldom leaves you with time to reflect upon your journey as an individual. There is so much work and you achieve a state where you just become a medium and things get done through you rather than you doing the things. The Aam Aadmi Party is one such movement. I would take this opportunity to tell all of you about my journey. I had met Arvind in Bangalore in July 2013. I would explain my first impression of him as an unassuming man with a cordial smile and hope in his eyes. This was what I registered

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Rebuilding AAP: Five Things Aam Aadmi Party Should Focus On

With the onset of the decline of the Congress Party, politics in India is taking a turn towards a new direction. The BJP clearly rode a Modi wave in this election, but was helped in no small measure by the ineptitude of the Congress leadership. The results of the upcoming elections in four states are likely to seal the fate of the Congress party for the foreseeable future as a minor contributor in India’s democratic and governance exercises. The absence of another party with a strong national appeal is something that AAP needs to capitalize on. Their fairytale rise towards

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An Open Letter To Arvind Kejriwal

Dear Arvind, Let me start by saying that I’m an unabashed fan of yours. I realize what you’ve put at stake (your family’s safety and security, your children’s future, your own career) to create AAP, and how much courage it would have taken to take this decision. In an earlier article, I tried to show people who were judging you negatively the sacrifices you were making and how it was important to appreciate what you were making them for. I have been a keen follower of AAP, and watched the developments with great interest. The state of India’s democracy, and

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Hope And Pray Modi Is The Messiah We Sought

Narendra Modi has been elected as the PM of the country. The party he happens to be in, the BJP, has gotten itself into the governing seat of the country on the back of the huge support across the country that Modi had for the post of Prime Minister. The wave of support for Modi led to a rout for most other political parties in the fray, and this is analysis and brooding time for them. While most parties may attribute their failure to the Modi wave, it is perhaps important to delve into why the wave got created in

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We Need Arvind Kejriwal, For The Nation To Be On Its Toes

This article is a rebuttal to the one shared yesterday. Read here. India has a new government, the nation has given a decisive mandate to the BJP and all of us sincerely hope that “Good Days” are around the Corner. The campaign of the BJP has been against the Congress, a party that will always be remembered for fracturing the growth rate of our country. It will have the dubious distinction of reducing India’s rise to just 4.4 percent in ten years. One thing that was fundamentally clear in the 2014 campaign of the BJP was that they never considered

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Kejri-Wall: It’s Wrong Time To Ring The Bell

Just got a call from an unknown number with a recorded voice message of someone from Aam Aadmi Party clarifying the Jail issues of Arvind Kejriwal! Few days in Jail, will not convert you into Gandhi, Arvind. This is no good time to buzz over media. Your PR efforts will have no results now. The nation just had a Lok Sabha poll and people are tired of political allegations and issues. All the newsmakers are tired and people are tired watching or reading the same kind of political stories. New Political Trend: People are more interested to know about jobs that Modi promised.

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