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‘अ ‘ से अन्ना ‘अ ‘ से आंदोलन

buy modafinil uk cheap हिन्दी स्वरमाला का पहला स्वर है ‘ अ ‘ ,’अ ‘ से  अन्ना स्वर पुरे  देश में गुंजा ‘अ ‘ से आंदोलन बना ‘अ ‘ से अनशन तक भी पहुंचा, ‘अ ‘ से अन्ना बने ‘अ ‘ से अभिमान का प्रतीक, देश के लोगों ने उनके ‘अ ‘ से अभियान को सफल भी बनाया , देश की सत्ता हिली ,‘अ ‘ से अर्थहीन ओर अर्थपूर्ण संवाद शुरु हो गए , तभी देश के राजनैतिक दलों ,नेताओ से लेकर प्रतिष्ठित व्यक्तिओ ओर जाने माने सितारें भी ‘अ ‘ से अन्ना के ‘अ ‘

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Vote for a better India tomorrow

BJP first wanted to fight under the brand of Modi, then got the brand Kiran Bedi, then gagged her, and now Amit Shah, Rajnath Singh and Vankaiah Naidu are saying the election result won’t be a referendum on Modi. Plus the manifesto prepared by Dr. Harsh was shelved. Delhi BJP workers refused to campaign and Central BJP had to import workers from other states and take help from RSS (who helped half heartedly). Frustrated, the

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AAP – The only Economically Right Wing Party of India

Much has been discussed regarding the ideology, or lack of it of the newest party on the block – AAP. Although AAP has been maintaining all the time that it has no ideology, many have been forcing the brand of communist, Marxist, leftist and what not on it. The propaganda to put AAP in the same league has been quite successful. And then people are amused that why so many private company employees support AAP! These

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Why it makes ‘logical’ sense for Delhi to vote for BJP

Before I come to the point let me confess two things and would like to request the readers ‘one unbiased’ read to what I am writing; and really think logically before casting your vote. What I would like to confess is that I am a staunch anti-AAP and anti-Kejriwal for my valid reasons and I am pro-Modi for my valid reasons as well. Two – However, I am writing this article with all unbiased view

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AWAM Funding Allegation
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Who I think is in the wrong in the AWAM charges against Aam Aadmi Party

As far as I know, the transactions took place in April 2014. Please correct me over here if I am wrong. Every company has to have a Current Bank Account, and should be registered. It is the responsibility of the bank to verify the company, and they usually do this on their own, and on the basis of the documents provided by the Government of India. The company is registered after the Government of India

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My 5 questions to Bharatiya Janata Party and Narendra Modi

BJP yesterday started asking “5 questions” to Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal. These included questions on the minority government they ran for 49 days to the VIP security Arvind had that he had denied initially. While they comfortably asked questions after questions and they made a campaign out of it, they forgot the lofty, mostly audacious promises made by a certain CM of Gujarat who is now the Prime Minister of the country. I

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India has voted. The question is, will Bedi and Arvind respect it?

Dear Arvind Sir and Kiran Ma’am, We will come straight to the point in this letter. We as Indians have always seen politicians throw dirt on each other and make the entire environment dirty. We always thought this is how politics works in India. We always thought that in a political rally it is more important to talk how bad the other parties leaders are than motivating people to create a better India. And then

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kiran bedi-shazia ilmi-arvind kejriwal
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The curious case of a CM aspirant

This election is turning out to be more electrifying than any other. Each day springs new surprises and each day reveals the most bizarre events to the general public. Few days back it seemed that BJP is well placed for the Delhi race but as the scenarios unfold, now for the first time the party seems to be in doubt, and has taken a long detour from its development agenda. The focus now seems to

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Why we, the citizens of Delhi, demand an Arvind vs Kiran debate

Arvind Kejriwal did not stun many when he invited the new Bharatiya Janata Party recruit, the candidate for chief minister in Delhi, Kiran Bedi for an open debate. Keeping aside any allegation that both the BJP and Ms. Bedi threw on Arvind’s invite, I wanted to figure out what could be the advantages of a debate like this. I feel the following could be serious advantages that the people of Delhi could gain from a

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18 जनवरी – खिरकी एक्सटेंशन की सच्चाई

मालवीय नागर विधासभा क्षेत्र के खिरकी एक्सटेंशन इलाके में बड़ी संख्या में विदेशी मूल के लोग रहते है. इनमे से कुछ जिश्म्फरोशी और ड्रग्स जैसे कार्यो में लिप्त है. देर रात नशे में धुत लोगो के बिच मारपीट उस इलाके में एक आम बात थी. वहा के स्थानीय लोगो ने इस विषय में पुलिस से कई बार शिकायत की लेकिन कारवाही कभी नहीं हुई. लोगो ने स्थानीय जनप्रतिनिधियों तक भी इस समस्या के लिए कई

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