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Sultan Movie Review – Read before you go for it


The much awaited movie starring Salman Khan “Sultan” has just released this Eid.

follow site Story: The story revolves around a wrestler Sultan played by Salman Khan. Salman Khan gets into wrestling to win heart of Aarfa and very soon touches success. Aarfa, played by Anushka Sharma is also a wrestler. Both Salman Khan and Anushka Sharma becomes state champion and dreams to win Olympic for India. They both even get selected for Olympic but Aarfa drops her plan as she gets pregnant. Salman khan wins gold medal in Olympic and people go crazy for “Bhai”. Very soon Salman Khan forgets the thin thread between Arrogance and confidence and starts believing nobody can beat him as he is the best. He goes to win World championship though it was coinciding with the delivery date of their first child. He wins the championship but loses his son and that creates a non-breakable wall between Anushka and Salman Khan. Salman leaves wrestling in agony and decides never to come back to the ring. The only dream left in his eyes is to open a blood bank in his area so that no other child dies because of non-availability of blood.

But even after 8 years he could not even managedto save 3 lakhs. So when he was approached again, he decides to come back to the ring but for a different format of wrestling. In those 8 years he has got a big tummy, he has lost his stamina but he still has that spark in his eyes, he still has that determination and ultimately after being trained by Randeep Hooda he wins the Pro Wrestling championship in India. Anushka also forgives Salman by this time and the movie ends happily.

Buy Tastylia (Tadalafil) Without Prescription Online What is good: Though being a Bhai movie the movies shows how the patriarchal setup of our society and how that kills the dream of a girl without even understanding it. Unlike other “Bhai” movies this movie has shown a different angle. Apart from that in this movie “Bhai” does act well. The last movie where I enjoyed Salman’s acting was Tere Naam which happened 13 years ago. One more thing I liked is a scene where Salman khan shows his big tummy which often actors are not comfortable with. Unlike Hollywood in India actors always want to portray themselves perfectly, if there’s a scar on forehead, it has to be covered by makeup, if you don’t have 6 packs, you just cannot take off your shirt. Example: have you ever seen Abhishek Bachhan bare body, nope, you would never see it till he gets a six pack and that’s the problem with Bollywood. But Salman Khan does show his big tummy (though it’s not real) but I liked it because at least he has the courage to do it.

One more thing that I liked is that they also maintained the date logic of Anushka’s pregnancy. When they announced the Olympic selection, world boxing date (generally) is almost 9 months to that, so it’s extremely possible that Anushka delivery date coincides with world boxing championship date.

buy Viagra sildenafil citrate in Boston Massachusetts What is bad: But after all, it’s a “Bhai” movie and therefore the protagonist solves all problem. Though Anushka acts well but the movie focuses on the battle of Sultan and not Anushka but logically Anushka is going through a much much worse situation. I wish the movie focused more on Anushka. Also when Anushka says that her father has brought up her as a boy, it itself works like an oxymoron where you yourself is destroying the logic you are trying to make.

The movie could have focused more on the struggle of Anushka, it could have kept more layers on the complicated relationship between these two, it could have also kept the story more real and less heroic but being a Bhai movie, that’s something you cannot expect.

Worth watching: Yes, it’s a movie which can be watched only once.

Rating: 2.5/5


  1. Hello! Firstly, I would like to ask u, have u ever read a movie review in ur life? If u have, doesn’t seem like you can attempt to write one. This is the shortest, most unjustified and stupid review ever of any movie. I am no Salman Khan fan but yes, I liked the movie. However, that is not the reason I m put off by your haphazard and most uninterested review of a movie! Even if people don’t like a movie they still review it because they give apt reasons for what’s missing and what’s good and what could have been better in a movie. I am sorry Mukul, but you r definitely not someone whose post I will be ever reading again on the web world.

  2. Thanks for your feedback. I have changed the review and now has written a detailed one. I often keep my reviews simple and short so that people who do not want to read a long review and wants to understand whether they should go for a movie can go through this quickly and decide. But I guess that’s not what people want 🙂 . But you were right about putting thoughts on what’s good and what’s missing in a movie, which I think I have covered now.

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