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Stumbling Upon A Goan Rave Party – Part 2

Followed from Part 1 Here

We sighed and drove a little more, keeping a directional track of how far our trip back to civilization would be. We saw a French couple, driving a Honda Activa bike, also searching for the same temple. Now, I was very sure that a party was certainly on, but the challenge was to obviously find it in this almost un-inhabited part of Goa.

It was unusually chill, as we were driving in the moon light mud-path adjacent to forests on both sides, and we felt it all the more, since we were driving with our shorts and a thin shirt only to cover us. We were close to giving up, but the bigger headache lied in re tracing our paths back to civilization.

We stopped at a point, when we were close to the sea, and paused to admire the beauty of the tall trees against the sea in the background. Moonlight has this ability to make a night seem serene and surreal, and we were experiencing that, as we observed the sounds of the winds against the trees, and the waves in the background.

As we were looking to our left, we could see a dilapidated temple, which the French guy pointed out, and we started walking towards it.

The temple seemed dilapidated from a distance, because there was no lights surrounding the temple, and the fact that it was stacked away in a corner that you almost always ignored it. In very little light, we could not decide if it was the faded white colour, but we did hear occasional strains of beats thumping somewhere in the distance.

The shirtless guy, decided to walk ahead to check if there was something, and after he went some distance, he came back with a grin, to let us know that this was indeed the place. We left our bikes near the temple, and walked over to find a mini paradise that was nestled in the forest.

It had an artificial border, made of bamboo, which gradually led to a corner of the beach. The bamboo started from the base of the hill, all the way into the forest, and finally ended into the beach, with light bulbs that were strewn on the inner fence of the bamboo.

Once we made our way inside, we saw that there was a world that we did not know or understand. They were playing trance music, and a bunch of people was randomly shaking their bodies, and you would mistake them to be a fast motion session on war form with grace.

The people seemed to be enjoying it though, while we were the only ones who could not quite warm up to the music. We decided to get closer to the fire that was lighted on the ground, to warm ourselves in the cooler December night.

We kept glancing at the sea, as a few minutes still to go for the moon to tick over to the next day, in the wait that an apocalypse would happen. The gathering had many foreigners and a few Indians, of which women were more than men at that time.

We met a couple of women, who had flown in from New Delhi that day, and came straight to the party, and they were dancing with a sense of gay abandon, which gave us the impression that they were enjoying to the hilt. In a few minutes, we found the girls were lying flat on the sand, and they had a couple of foreigners feeling them all over.

I froze- this was the equivalent of watching a love making in 3D, which made you feel you were there. Usually guys go to Goa, with a latent dream of hooking up with a foreign lady, but this was quite the reverse, with Indian women coming to Goa, to fall on foreign men.


Excerpt from the book “Stumbling Upon a Rave Party in Goa” written by Kartik Kannan. To purchase the book(only in Amazon Kindle Version), please buy it here!


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