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Strangers – 1

Indraneil looked out of the window. He could see the sun on the horizon. Yes, this is a new start for him. A new beginning, a new life for him. All those years in between of darkness was behind him. He will now just focus on his career, career and career. Thank god he had got a second chance in life.

köp inderal online “Hi, could you please put the shutter down? The sun is hurting my eyes“ Someone next to him asked him. It was a girl. One of these typical model kinds dumb wits dressed in a T-shirt and shorts. She was smiling at him.

Then she extended her hand and said, “Hi, I am Indrani. I am going to Mumbai to be a model”. Fabulous introduction as if this plane was flying off to Timbuktu. Indraneil was forced to give his name as well and shake her hands.

“Wow what a coincidence, our names sound so similar.” Yes he had noticed that. Why didn’t he buy that magazine from the airport? Cursing himself if he has to spend the next 50 minutes forcefully chatting to her.

“Are you from Kolkata as well? I am from Loreto and stay in Jodhpur Park”. Here it goes, now he has to give his curriculum vitae as well. Was there any way that he could just listen to her and utter the right replies at the right moments? Yes, he had cracked it; maybe his face was such that he did not had to make efforts at replying her.

By some miracle of fate, time had passed and he had been able to save himself from any efforts at making conversations. “ So what’s your phone number, we should be in touch”. Should we? “ I have my Kolkata number, now. Planning to take a number here.” “No worries, will add you on Facebook” That should not be a worry, as he is hardly on Facebook.  “We should know each other more as we are both strangers to this new city”.

Strangers. He liked that word.


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