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Stop To Email


Mailing allows us to get work done quickly with people across cities, across buildings, across work-stations (J), across geographies.

However, without the emotional signs and social cues of face-to-face or phone interaction, it’s more possible to be misunderstood.

Also, mindless emailing overstuffs everyone’s inboxes.

Let us try Mindful Emailing. With a few mails during the week. Or all of them.


  1. watch COMPOSE an email.
  2. http://smartmedia.com.au/about/pablo/ S TOP to take one long deep breath. Pay attention to the breath. (count of 5 on the inhale and 5 on the exhale, if you like)
  3. THINK of the person to whom the email is going and how you want them to receive your message.
    1. Could they misunderstand your words and become angry or offended?
    2. Are you being more positive than you intend?
  4. LOOK at the draft email again.
  5. OBSERVE how you are.
  6. CHANGE it if appropriate.
  7. PROCEED – send your email

Happy Emailing:-)

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  1. “..take a deep breath.. Absolutely! That’s when you know what to write, how to write..
    I also “personalize” all emails before sending them.

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