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Statistically Also Sachin Is Far Ahead If Compared To Any Virat


Now that 200 has been breached thrice, all three times by an Indian batsmen, I have a simple question. Was Rohit Sharma’s 200 greeted with the same aplomb as Sachin’s? A definite answer is no. And that is why Sachin Tendulkar’s numbers, especially those which came pre 2003 make them so special that no newbie, no matter who he is, can come closer to the master class.

Here are 5 reasons, simple ones why Sachin’s comparison to Virat Kohli is rank stupidity even if its done by the legendary Sunil Gavaskar.

1. Let’s start with this series since it’s a fresh one. Would look a little odd but a bowling all-rounder (If I can use the adjective for James Faulkner) won a match for his country and almost breached a total as big as 383. You know why this happened? Multiple reasons, one very important one are the latest set of ODI rules. Five fielders in the ring, two new balls, heavier bats, almost nothing on the leg-side. Add to that batsmen like Kohli and Sharma brought up in the T20 eras. ODI cricket frankly have become a joke as far as the battle between ball and bat is concerned. Even a cricket starter knows who is on the heavier side. This though wasn’t always like this. Bowlers like Wasim Akram, Waqar Younis and Curtly Ambrose were respected. Unfortunately with rules so much bent towards the batsmen, even Dale Steyn looks clueless on most occasions.

2. You can easily compare Sachin Tendulkar with someone; unfortunately you cannot compare the times. Let’s again go to stats because this is a layman’s best excuse to blame the master. Courtesy this brilliant article on Firstpost I came to know that 300 was a mammoth total pre 2000. Only five times was it made and once you breach that number, “you win”. Let’s look at the last five games. Three out of the five times totals bigger than 300 was breached. In the last game once again had Australia not missed a plot somewhere in between and some luck would have sided with them, they could have breached 383. Cricket is no more a balanced sport. It has now become calculative and the thought is that if you have wickets in hand, you can breach any score. That is why Sachin is special. Even in days when rules were not in favor, pitches didn’t suit batting, Sachin Tendulkar would make batting look elegant and easy. Remember what happened to a Indian batting attack in Eden Garden in the 1996 WC after he got out. Or what happened in Chennai against Pakistan to all batsmen except him. It’s easy to compare, its difficult to see reasoning.

3. If you thought what am doing above was pure qualitative bullshit, I am certainly not here to do that. This point by me is surely going to burn a few Kohli die-hards who are in a hurry to make him go above Sachin. How many of Kohli’s 100’s have been abroad. 10 off 17. How many of these have been in testing conditions outside the subcontinent, a paltry four, not even 25%. Tells a lot about where the kid has played most till now. Speak of the same stats for the legend. 29 centuries scored abroad, almost the same ratio but where he goes notches ahead is 18 out of these have come in testing conditions outside the sub-continent. Plus 6 out of these centuries of Tendulkar have come in the slow tracks of Sharjah with highly hostile crowds and facing above quality Pakistani and Aussie attacks. Two of these have come in Pakistan. Do I need to speak more.

4. Since it is getting interesting, lets take the number game a notch further up. Sachin Tendulkar has scored 18 centuries off his 29 (62%) against high-quality oppositions (discounting Bangladesh and Sri Lanka) where as Kohli has scored just four out of his 10 (40%) against anything above Sri Lanka and Bangladesh. Frankly I do not remember Kohli playing a gem outside India except that one against Sri Lanka at the small ground at Hobart. Let’s be fair, he is nowhere close in numbers too and with the South Africa tour arriving soon, we will all know what it takes to score tons against quality opposition. Don’t take me wrong. Am not gunning anyone down, frankly I know I cannot. I am just putting forth some facts.

5. Lastly, Sachin Tendulkar in addition to being a wonderful batsman was also a mind-blowing cricketer, a magician. He was a captain’s answer to anything. A field setting, a wicket to be taken, or a brilliant run-out or catch. Remember the one which disturbed Moin Khan’s timber in Pakistan in the last over of the day or the leg-before of Hayden and Gilchrist in Kolkata or even the Hero-Cup semi-final against South Africa where he did not allow the opposition to score 6 runs in the final over. These are just a handful I remember now of a dozen or more performances. The catch to dismiss Inzamam-ul-Haq in that ODI series in Pakistan is special in the words of the then bowler Murali Kartik. Probably he was the only one who could have done so much and he never disappointed.

Frankly, I can give zillions of such numbers to justify that this comparison between Sachin and Virat is not justified for the 24-year-old Virat himself because the numbers in front are so behemoth that the sheer pressure of those can break his career down. I hope he does succeed in breaking a few of the master’s records but to be fair to him, he won’t be able to even match a few. Lastly as my fellow author wrote here, “The man will be gone on 18th November 2013. Leaving behind a plethora of memories, some captured in the negative roll of a camera, some etched in the hearts of the people, and some that will choke you forever”. These memories came because only he was capable of such magnificent memories.


With LOVE, a massive Sachin Fan.



  1. To compare Kohli with Sachin at this age is totally unfair on both cricketers. It s like comparing Sachin with Gavaskar. Gavaskar played on probably the most hostile of conditions, and against even deadlier bowlers without protective gear. Yet, Sachin is regarded by many as the better batsmen. You cannot blame Kohli for not having performed in difficult conditions when he has hardly faced any. The situations are totally different. Today Kohli does not need to go to play county cricket to hone his skills. He has got the IPL. The situations are very different. Kohli has many years ahead of him. He is a full 15 years younger than Sachin, and he does look like someone who can become the spine of the Indian middle order in the years to come. As a Sachin fan, I really want to have another idol in the Indian team. We need to get behind him just as we got behind Sachin during his many years of toil.

  2. Whoa Rohit, you sure do get very sentimental whenever you take your pen out to write (metaphorically speaking – my bet is your fingers would be flying across the keyboard :P). So back to this article – there was definitely a build up to this article and was waiting with bated breath to read. Sadly the article turned out to be very disappointing, considering it’s coming out of your kitty.

    All of us grew up watching SRT, and undoubtedly, he’s one of the best players in the world as he kept breaking numerous records set by his predecessors. And Virat Kohli is following suit and he’s definitely one player every opposition needs to watch out for. C’mon, you must consider the times the two players are playing. Cricket has changed over the years and to the best of my knowledge, SRT has not fared well over the last couple of years. Does that mean he’s unable to adapt himself to the changing times?!? SRT was an overly hyped player (I can’t believe I’m saying tis!!) and the result of any game depended on him completely and you’ve brought out two such examples. Fair enough.

    And you will have to draw a fair comparison between the two players before rubbishing out Kohli’s achievements on the field. When it comes to the ODI, Kohli has scored 3 centuries against Australia, 2 against England, 1 against New Zealand & Pakistan and 5 against Sri Lanka (And I’m leaving out the 1 scored against Zimbawe and 2 each against West Indies & Bangladesh). That makes it 12 centuries against competitive teams – which reads nearly 71% of the centuries comes against strong opposition (as against your 40%). Get your facts right!!!

    Let’s also see Kohli’s milestones as a cricketer…

    Fastest Indian cricketer to reach 1000/3000/4000 runs in ODIs
    Fastest cricketer to reach 10/15 centuries in ODIs
    Most ODI runs by an Indian cricketer in 2010/2011/2012

    and many more…he’s definitely another Tendulkar in the making, capable of filling in the BIG shoes!!!

    And you’re probably the only person to say Sharjah has a hostile crowd 🙂 Okay, SRT has created and broken numerous records but he’s definitely not the captain’s answer to all matches. He has known to fail under high pressure situations (and his stint as the team captain is a fine example). Now if he’s a magicina, he should have used his magic wand (his bat) to save India from defeat (too much to ask for). Yes, he was a brilliant player but he had his own flaws too.

    True, no one can replace SRT and his retirement ll definitely leave a void in the Indian team but let’s also appreciate the current crop of players who stand testimony to the current status the Indian team enjoys today.

    In my opinion, when you draw up a comparison, you would have to be fair to both the players. This article is completely one-sided and biased and highly opinionated. And watch out for the language fella!

    1. Read the article properly Shwetha. I wrote what is factual. Not things which are over the top. My facts are 100% correct. Yes he has scored 3 centuries against Australia but I would bring forth my point again. All 3 have been scored in India. Two came in the last series where a bowler called James Faulkner was winning matches with the willow. What I did was compares apples with apples and not oranges and that is where the analysis comes from. I actually digged out cricinfo to find it but believe me even if you do a simple wiki this will be crystal clear. As far as Sharjah is concerned I quote Ravi Shastri because unless we were playing a white nation, the crowd would be badly hostile towards us and there would always be a section that would be anti-India no matter who the opposition was.

      1. I have read and re-read the article Rohit. It doesn’t matter where the centuries come, but ultimately the end result for the team matters. Virat has been successful so far and hope he continues this form. It’s very tough to fill in Tendulkar’s shoes but he’s our best hope presently. I bet you would have looked into all the records available and I don’t deny that. But I just felt the whole article was biased.

        1. See, that’s your problem. First you debated numbers, now you are debating results. What you are not understanding is that am talking complete different things. You know what, lets wait. India is headed SA in December. We will continue this after the two Test matches there and also the ODI’s. I have seen the lad in Australia and hence I talk. Just a few more stats for you to chew courtesy Mohandas Menon.

          Most intl 100s @ 25
          SRT 31
          KOHLI 21
          GSmith 16
          Gayle/Jayawardene 15
          Bradman 13 Harvey/Sobers/Kallis/Ponting 11
          SButt/Sarwan/ABdeV/Cook 10


          Most international runs @ 25:
          SRT 11208
          Gayle 6864
          GSmith 6763
          KOHLI 6681
          Tamim 6499
          Sarwan 6481
          ABdeV 5891
          Kallis 5886
          Jayawardene 5818

          I hope you will be able to see the difference. And all this not alongside legends like Tendulkar, Dhoni, Sehwag around but average good players like Azharuddin, Jadeja, Manjrekar around for at least the first 10 years of the career.

          Lastly, another thing I want to clear. I am a bigger fan of Kohli than all those bashing this article. There are many on FB who are doing it. Unfortunately I do not want the pressure of these numbers to get to someone like Kohli who definitely has the potential to be a legend in his own rights. These comparisons I can give examples have the potential to rip-off careers. That’s it.

          1. Well Rohit, firstly take a chill pill! Nobody is bashing up your article. All of us understand that a lot of work would have gone into this article. Since the title mentioned statistics, I expected numbers to prove your point, rather it turned out to be a complete one sided affair. Arguing over this doesn’t help!

            Let’s wait and watch what happens in South Africa and hopefully Virat does a good job! And your stats above, those numbers don’t make much sense to me as I dunno the number of games they were scored off! That helps dude 🙂

  3. I am a little disappointed bro. Honestly my fixation for Sachin is massive, and not even in my wildest dreams will I be able to put Virat or any other cricketer on the same pedestal as that man. Hence methinks you are trying a little too hard. Somehow this article reflects that desperation from a die hard who still wants to cling on to the man. Let it go mate!!! All good things do come to an end! This is just the beginning, once the euphoria has settled, many more comparisons will tumble out and how many times you and I & fans alike will defend it?

  4. This is unfair to compare Kohli to Tendulkar. Tendulkar faced some of the greatest bowlers of all time in most difficult conditions. He faced (Macgrath,warne,Lee, wasim akram,waqar younis, chaminda Vaas, Muralidharan, Alan Donald, Shane Bond, Abdul Kadir, Couney Walsh, Curtely Ambrose, Shane Pollock) and many more. Kohli was never tested against these bowlers. he has hardly played in hostile conditions. He is yet to prove himself at test level. Yes, he has three centuries but it’s too early to conclude that he will score more than fifty centuries at test level. Greatness of a player cannot be decided by his one day performance. If that was the criteria then Dhoni will also figure in all time great batsman.

  5. I was seeing this show on star sports yesterday called ‘Sachin Sachin’. Cricketing greats like Dravid, Shastri & Arun Lal were doing all the talking. They discussed on a lot of issues, and all very relevant to the modern game today. One was the distance Sachin travelled in his career. Not many will remember, but at that Harris shield game where Kambli and him got 664 runs, Kambli had more runs the man. Infact Kambli @ 1000 runs had the highest average by an Indian batsman then, yet he could not handle the adulation and got lost in transition. Tendulkar had a firm head on his shoulders and those 24 years speaks volumes of his temprament. Then the second segment spoke about Sunny Gavaskar, this man played the slowest for India, not because he couldnt play fast, but for the reason that Indian team had an average bowling unit and an unpredictable batting line up. Look at Sachin closely he had similar woes, yet he balanced the attack and defense to perfection. Kohli is playing in an era where his team are world beaters, even if he fails you have an MSD for back up. For Tendulkar though he was a one man army. Cricket as a sport is defined by numbers, if 99.94 is unbreachable, 200 tests too looks out of reach. Every cricketer has a honeymoon period going for him, Virat is in the zone at the moment, but there will be a downfall it is inevitable, the temprament and character will be tested then. Look at Virendar Sehwag when he burst on to the scene, and look at him today he is at the same age when form had deserted Tendulkar and injuries had embraced him, yet that man slammed a double hundred in an ODI, there has to be something extraordinary in the man, that so much hype surrounds him. That is why I firmly believe there are three types of people in the world. One like Sachin Tendulkar, two fans who support him and three people standing under a ladder trying criticise him, yet not having the courage to face the aura of him.

  6. I agree with your article. Horrible ODI and T20 rules. The value of a run has just diminished all the more. The bowlers having a tough time. I do want our team to do well, but its just about batting now, the ball doesn’t seem to matter any more. I feel so bad for the bowlers. That’s why SRT’s runs are a lot more valuable to me. Maybe someone should come up with a mathematical system, of adjusting the actual total runs for conditions under which they are scored.

  7. Comparison is based on benchmarks. In any case, Virat is going to be compared to Sachin, who we all commonly agree as the best indian batsman ever, and never the other way round! Sachin was ‘compared’ to Bradman, because Don was the best ever. Kohli is damn good, but sadly, your understanding of the word ‘comparison’, this article and its opinion in totality, is poor.

  8. Shweta thanx for the superb analysis but would want you to check sachin sir’s record as a batsman when he was captain himself nd the record of his other team mates.. Its easier to show someone down.. but the fact is that he indeed was the man every captain wanted in his team. The reason there are more die hard sachin fans than kohli’s is that kohli plays with Ms, raina, rohit, yuvraj n nobody cares one odd match he fails.. Sachin played with the opposition alone. When everybody around him surrendered their wickets he was the only one standing tall. He did play with the other 3 stalwarts and viru paa. (Let’s not do injustice to him). But they came when sachin sir was already a superstar.. They play so many odi’s an year m still surprised by the fact that the GOD still holds the record for maximum runs a calender year n most no. Of times 1000+ an year.. I luv to watch kohli bat. He makes me realise we will keep getting superb players throughout but i strongly believe that does not give license to anybody to compare the player with Sachin sir. I m a sachinist but i never say he has been better than bradman. Haven’t watched the brahma of cricket bat but i know vishnu is our Sachin sir. I left mahesh for one of the many bowling legends..

  9. I am sure Kholi is no where near to SRT.

    but your words “SRT was an overly hyped player” i can just laugh about it .!

    No Stats to prove what SRT means to Cricket and also the other way round. but if time permits just check out his backfoot punch and front foot straight drive..that would tell you more about SRT rather than just his records

  10. Whot do you think now..!?? He can’t perform overseas..? In fast piches..!? U where wrong.!!

  11. Out of 49 centuries india have lost 14 games and tied one when Sachin scored a century. And out of 22 centuries india have won 20 times and lost only twice when Kohli scored a century.and most of his centuries come while chasing. So stop being biased.

  12. Few things to note here –
    (1) Kohli’s comparison needs to be done with a Tendulkar of same age & his achievements then rather his overall career milestones when he later matured as a batsmen but had not even a single century til 1st 80 matches.
    (2) Kohli & Sachin both played together also though only a handful of games & Kohli always had a better strike rate. Now it is upto people if they wanna blame it to Sachins age & Kohli being a young batsman.
    (3) Sachin was a great strength to Indian team & so as the expectations from Kohli today. However Kohli has got a better nerve when it comes to chase totals & win matches for the country. Sachin always lost this point in comparison to other match winners like Brian Lara & Pointing.

  13. sachin’s name and his stats not gonna win matches for india now. its rohit and virat gonna do!!!

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