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‘Spy’ Review: The one Hollywood flick that’s unavoidable


Director: Paul Feig

Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Jude Law, Jason Statham, Rose Bryne, Miranda Hart

What’s it about: Susan Cooper is a fat, unattractive lady who works behind-the-scenes at the CIA. The Woman Friday to the field agents kinda job. The one she was backing and had fallen in love with is called Bradley Fine. Like Susan, Bradley is also the best in the business. The love though as between any hot guy and a not-so-hot girl is as usual one sided. Fine is seen as being killed in action and the killer,the hot and beautiful, Rose Bryne (Rayna Boyanav) issues an open challenge to the Agency, saying she knows all their secret agents and she will kill anyone who comes in the way. The Agency’s Director decides, after a little persuasion, to send in Susan to solely observe Rayna and send back intel. What she does is completely transformational from what the demands were.

What’s hot: You might not feel amazed by McCarthy’s look but she is absolutely amazingly something else. She owns the film with her verbal and physical abilities. Her humour timing will make the best jealous and the work she did on physical abilities is stunning. The scene in which she completely runs over a security guy with just words is when she is at the top. Another huge watch is Jason Statham like never seen before. I mean how can he accept this role and once he did am sure this would make him more proud than the one in Transporter. The director’s introduction of so many characters has worked because of small and tantalising cameos by all stars.

What’s not: Not many but for the sake of finding one let’s say the film had a few unwanted characters, like the one played by Nargis. Sometimes I felt there is so much happening that I lost a few things here and there.

What to do: Go watch it before it gets away from theatres. You will die laughing is my guarantee. For me this is the best English film of the year. It’s an entertainer, entertains without having too much CGS, has a woman in the lead and though there are a few cuss words here and there, its still a two time watch.

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  1. But as she s quietly saving the day for the dozenth time, circumstances force her to invent a new cover for herself lucky for us, one that allows her to unleash the foul-mouthed, hilarious assertiveness we expect. She stays in character, though, delivering a coherent performance in a spoof that follows suit, spinning a more sensible plot than most serious spy films.

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