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Sorry, but I am no Fan of Fan

Rating: 2/5

Surprisingly everyone seems to like Fan. But I think its a very average old fashioned Shahrukh Khan centred illogical connectless movie. The movie revolves around one and only Shahrukh Khan and other people are used just as props. The movie is about a die hard fan of Shahrukh khan, sorry, Aryan Khanna (what’s the difference) who calls himself junior Aryan Khanna and wishes to meet him in person someday. However when he actually did, things didn’t happen as he dreamt of and from junior Aryan Khanna he becomes anti Aryan Khanna.

The only thing I liked about the movie is the makeup of Gaurav(which is also played by Shahrukh Khan), he does look very young and he maintained the body language of a young person well.  But that’s all I liked about the movie. Everything else is illogical and when the second chase begins, you just start wishing it ends soon.

The movie somehow also fails to connect with people emotionally. I don’t know the actual reason for this but those emotional scenes at the end of the movie looks so fake.

I had big hopes for this movie and I thought this would be a comeback movie of Shahrukh Khan (like all the movie he has been part of recently) but alas, I was so wrong. God knows when he will again come back with a really good movie. He is a good actor, there’s no doubt about that, he just needs a good script now.

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