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Snapdeal, are you sacrificing Customer Satisfaction for Growth

E-commerce had been the talk of the year in 2014, be it for multiple rounds of funding or the first of its kinds, Flash sales in India and the mega big disaster events like the Big Billion Day sale of Flipkart. The players in this market have been very competitive, so competitive that they have actually forgotten the crux of any business, i.e Customer Satisfaction has completely gone missing from the priority list of e-commerce players.

With number crunching going up, the service and the customer support has taken a back seat. There are lots of instances which have left loads of unsatisfied and angry customers, having been taken for a ride by these e-commerce giants.

We saw such instance happening during Big Billion Day which looked like a scam. We thought this was only about Flipkart but we were wrong. Snapdeal followed suit and sent a soap bar instead of a mobile ordered by a customer.

A recent incident has been noted by my friend Sahil Soni who like any regular excited buyer decided to buy a printer during the Hourly Sales of Snapdeal on the 10th of December. The model of the printer was HP Deskjet 1500 All-in-One and it was priced at R 361 through their mobile app. The order id is 3900505106 and he did receive a Confirmation of the SMS too. A grab for your kind perusal is below.


After 2 days he got a call from Snapdeal Customer care that they had updated the wrong price for the product and they wont be able to deliver it at that cost.

Why should the consumer bear the flight of a so called glitch by the brand. One they were not apologetic and two even if they were what took them two days to come back and explain the goof-up at their end. Let me tell you what a great company would have done. They would have told the customer about the goof-up and would have delivered at the same price. You know what that would have done. They would have bough a loyal customer for life with that. What they did instead was they baffled one which in these days of social media has to backfire.

Let me tell you the problems I see here.

1. I personally do not believe this was mistake. To me they were trying to lure customers with such cheesy low prices and once the customer falls to it, were trying to sell the product after admitting faux pass. I am sure a lot of customer would have agreed to buy after the admittance and the brand would have gained, even after its own mistake.

2. They weren’t sorry and were only admitting to a mistake, if there was one. They should had been sorry for it because they wasted precious consumer time for an error on their side.

3. What took them 2 days to come back. This was a simple case of understanding their error and immediately replying that we have goofed up and w ill be tough to deliver at that price. Two days stink of a conspiracy somewhere.

Lastly, I have a question after this nuisance by Snapdeal. Would you really trust a tempting offer again, like a Rs 50 for a 64GB Pen drive or a Rs 300 Printer?

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