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Silence, A Not So Silent Ode To…


(Silence, something we city-dwellers miss totally – like a clear night sky, the green fields that decorate our villages and the sweet song of wild birds. Yet, it is something that remains forever, as our constant companion. The moment we sit still, close our eyes and take in the chilly night air, other than an occasional piece of sound perhaps, an unbroken silence can descend. This external silence, once united with inner stillness and silent self-contemplation, can truly help us rediscover ourselves. This is, therefore, a poetic personification of Silence, inspired by the Vedic hymn to Goddess Raatri)
buy generic accutane online O Silence! Maiden of peace, dressed in its soft, effusive glow,
Governess of the skies and space, Queen of the unseen depths below!
You are the Lady of the exulted woods untrodden by human feet,
Worshipped alike by winter’s frigid winds, and summer’s sultry heat!
click O Silence! Thou Mother to the unsung hymn, to the dream unsought,
You awaken the profound joy within, for you are the vehicle of thought!
You are the manifested effigy of peace, you alone are the language of soul,
And you are the pathless traveller, for you pervade the universe whole!
Buy Viagra 25 mg in Arlington Texas O Silence, joy of the spirit within! Bring to us the hour of bliss
As together we meditate and wecome your silent song of peace.
In the sweet embrace of your comforting arms, does my mind rest,
As I immerse and lose myself within the chilly warmth of your breast.
O Silence! You the awakener of spirit, the divine tune of unuttered joy
May all our sorrows and worries, together with our fears, you destroy!
May you shelter us all, as we fall asleep at the end of the egoic night,
To be awakened once again, to greet a renewed world of love and light!
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