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Shut The FUCK up….

Recently a lot of of brands are creating a lot of nonsense advertisement without even understanding the market or the issue around it. I want to say to them all, we are fed up, so please shut the FUCK up.

Yatra – Shut the FUCK up

buy viagra kuta Dear Yatra, do you have any idea about the issue Kanhaiya raised and the weight of those issues. You might or might not agree with kanhaiya, you might be a bhakt of any specific political party but don’t be a blind follower, open your eyes. If you do not like Kanhaiya, that is fine, if you do not like the way he protested, that is fine too but on what grounds did you dare to create such a nonsense ad which makes fun of current issues? Kanhaiya talked about poverty, he talked about the equality, he talked about the poor condition of our farmers who are dying every single day and that is a fact. Do you think these issues can be compared with a window seat issue? So if you don not have enough intellect to understand these issues, no body is forcing you to make any comment on it, just shut the FUCK up.

Airtel 4G – Shut the FUCK up

Dear Airtel 4G (I am not blaming the Airtel 4G girl here as she is just an actor and have no say in it), if you would have done a market research before coming up with this nonsense, ad, I am pretty sure you wouldn’t have even thought of creating it. People are not even getting network in the capital of the country and you are claiming that they will get 4G in the Himalayas and other offbeat places, you must be kidding. I have to go to the outer room before making any calls as I don’t get network in the inner room (getting 4G, even 3G in the room is just a dream) and you spread ad like this. Are you insane?

Pepsi – Shut the FUCK up

I would not have any problem with you if you wouldn’t have made fun of protest by students. In your very first ad you made fun of FTII student protest which is very very insensible. Check this article of Firstpost here.

If you find this article right and sensible, stop using Yatra and stop drinking Pepsi now. Airtel 4G did not mock anyone so I am not including Airtel to this list but Yatra and Pepsi should be taught a lesson.

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