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Shocking: How Lifestyle Store Cheats Consumers


During the weekend I was at the lifestyle store to buy some apparels and footwear. The sale is on and we have always thought this to be a good time to buy stuff from the brand outlet. After having bought some shirts, a shoe and some other regular stuff, I punched out a bill amount of Rs. 5162 and walked out.


The story began from here. Upon walking out, I noticed that the store had overcharged me by Rs. 1 for something called lifetrust. I would not have bothered but an overcharge without asking made me suspicious. On going back I came to know they had without asking me debited my account by an extra rupee, which according to them goes to a NGO they work with. The shock did not end there though.

As you can clearly watch and hear in the video, the staff there had no clue as to what the difference between a theft and a donation. Not only that, they were adamant too. Now generally I am a cool consumer and mostly when I see a box right there at the counter I ask the change to be donated in that name. But that definitely wasn’t that. This was fraud and what happened when I confronted was worse. After the junior staff at the counter did not want to understand the fault at their end and was adamant in just giving away Rs. 1 as a matter of settling it down, I lost my cool.

They had just swapped my credit card without my approval of an amount (no matter how small) but were not even ready to accept a mistake. I asked for the manager of the store. Mr. Manoj walked in nonchalantly as if nothing happened. I continued asking him for a written apology and threatened to file an FIR because charging someone’s Credit Card without informing is tantamount of a criminal offence. He did not bother. He clearly said as shown in the video that the maximum he can do is refund the one rupee that was charged even after agreeing that this was not a human mistake but done intentionally as they do the same to all their consumers, WITHOUT ASKING THEM.

Wow, so they charge everyone 1 rupee without asking. Shouldn’t this raise eyebrows? 10000 bills done in a day make a super killing of Rs. 10k for them without asking their consumers. Extrapolate it over a couple of months and the rent of the store is taken care of. Yes, I am alleging this because I do not trust a brand that does not ask me before debiting my credit card. Even after repeated requests to give me a written apology stating exactly what they were verbally saying, they did not. What I wanted was a simple “It was a mistake by us and we gave back the Customer his rupee back”. This was clearly ignored. All this while though my camera was on and what you are seeing is the evidence of clear fraudulent activities. If you think of this as just Rs. 1 being debited, think again because as mentioned above, Rs. 1 debited over 10 different people make it Rs. 10 and over 10000 people make it Rs 10000. Jaago Grahak Jaago. Doesn’t take a moment to scan your eyes through your bill after the purchase.

Till the next sting, bye. PS: The video rights and accountability is with the author. 

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