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Seven Wonders Of International Client Development – 2


go site In the first part of this article, we covered the first three most important tools that all international business development managers should possess in their kitty. In this second and last part, we will discuss the remaining four. 

enter 4: E-Mail: Email has no substitute. It is the best supportive communication process and always authentic to approach. One thing I feel about it is, it should always contain a signature or contact details. Generally people save that for future purposes. If you want to be an international business personality, learn to draft ‘short and sweet’ emails.

where to buy modafinil ireland 5: Push: Learn to push products or services to clients and for that home-work is more important. Know your client, before you approach. The best way to know is LinkedIn, Facebook and company website. Check and understand, what you can offer to your client. For that, you have to know about your products and services very well. I have seen sales people fail at the right end of the sales process because of some question about the product that they failed to respond to.

6: Follow-up process: An organization should have a proper and scientific follow-up process. This is where a lot of business is lost. Clients have other work apart from just following up with you, don’t they? Little moderation is needed, like a follow-up note after each attempt to contact via call or video chat. These small initiatives create a good impact.

7: Team-Team-Team work: Teamwork and a good collaboration to manage the lead-entry and follow up are most important. Otherwise, it can create a negative impact on result. I would like to put some real incidents


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