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Secret the app is dead, why didn’t it work? An analysis

So Secret, the app, is dead. I remember telling a mentor, senior and a future investor 15 days after Secret launched that this one won’t work. He didn’t agree so after some convincing I downloaded the app and kept on it for a while. Then around after a month I deleted it after every time I went on it, I only saw negativity, slang match and anti feminist behavior, that too from an anonymous idiot who kept identity in dark.

So why didn’t it work. Lets check some reasons. At least I felt these and would be glad to know more from you.

– I always thought the one slanging is no more than a loser. Only losers will shout in dark isn’t it? If someone would have the balls he would straightaway write “Why the fuck should I be scared of you, you asshole”. For a while people chuckled and then they realised this isn’t fun.

– Social media is an identity; it’s a place you speak to be heard. You talk here because you believe in yourself and want others to know more about you. It’s not a haunted house where the devil is unknown.

– Secret bred the rumourmongers and the ones who enjoyed it. Fortunately not many enjoy that conversation in a hidden way because when its hidden it cannot be discussed, what cannot be discussed, isn’t something that the Social Media mavericks appreciate.

– It spread lies and still didn’t allow a semblance of debate. Again, not something that is appreciative in nature on the Internet.

All this and more aided the demise of Secret. On any post there is no talk and if there are replies they breed negativity. Compare this with Facebook, Twitter or for that matter even Quora.

All that matters need to be responded. That is the beauty of social and that is why Secret died. A lesson learnt the hard way.

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