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Review of Barnoparichay – The App

In this age of mobile phones when most of the kids are addicted to devices forcing parents look for a way out, we have come up with an app that can help parents turn this habit into something productive. We have developed a Bengali (national language of Bangladesh and widely spoken in north east India) learning app Barnoparichay which makes learning fun.

Demo videos:

I believe that Bengalis living in Bengal, India or abroad can use this app to teach Bengali to their kids and pass on the rich literary heritage of Bengal to the new generation.

Features of Barnoparichay Bengali:

  • Simplistic and colourful interface keeping children busy for hours.

  • 4 different modes of versatile learning including Lekhani (interactive writing based), Chhara (Vocal recitation based), Shrutipathan (Hearing/ Vocal Dictation based) and Ha-Ja-Ba-Ra-La (Puzzle based).

  • Lekhani lets kids draw and learn Bengali alphabets/ numbers by implementing the slate and chalk interface.

  • Chhara lets kids develop constructive thinking by listening to voice recitation clips of Bengali rhymes.

  • Shrutipathan builds concentration and patience in kids, by teaching them how to select the correct letter/ number from multiple options by listening to voice clips.

  • Ha-Ja-Ba-Ra-La introduces decision making to kids by letting them arrange jumbled alphabets/ numbers in the correct sequence.

  • Introduces kids to classification based on Swarabarna (vowels), Byanjanbarna (consonants), Maatras (linguistic extensions) and Sankhya (numerals).

  • Touch based Pen tool lets kids practice drawing and outlining Bengali alphabets/ numbers improving their cognitive skills.

Download the app from here:

P.S. The app is also available for Hindi and English language.

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