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Review: Messenger Of God: Gurmeet Ram Rahim is someone Bollywood never wanted


Cast: Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, Daniel Kaleb, Flora Saini, Jayshree Soni, Olexandra Semen, Gaurav Gera.

Directed By: Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh, Jeetu Arora.

First Take: Valentine day is around the corner and what better way than to celebrate the festival of love by taking your date out for this movie. Do not find sarcasm in my statement, I genuinely mean it. It works both ways, if one needs to discover love again; humor is the best solution and MSG the best medicine. The movie also is the best perfect way of reminding your date that nothing is right between the two of you. Because if watching an ugly fat man is a good enough reason for valentine then even MSG can’t save you.

Story: The self styled God man’s life is under threat. An international drug lord for the larger good of his business wants to eliminate him. The god man of course is so much loved that his followers address him as ‘Pitaji’ and he humbly calls himself insaan. He has the power to heal to the oppressed, cure the ailing and eliminate the evils existing in the society.

Star Power: One after effect of this movie will be the end to Rajnikanth jokes. The humble insaan has outplayed him here. The other career at threat is Baba Ramdev, maybe in the future one might see ‘Insaan’ labeled products sold openly in the market. The other guarantee is that this movie will make money, as the theatre was full. So our very own superstar can turn swords into rose petals, can blow the toxic gases aimed at him away and can ride a chopper made out of thermocol. He can sing and dance, no wonder then Honey Singh is living life in exile. He has the power to break a full-grown tree into four parts, seeing that will put the father of geometry to shame. In a nutshell he will do everything to prove that we as a nation are plain dumb.

Behind the scenes: They shot this movie in 67 days, seeing the final production value; it seems some people made a lot of money. The directors had very little to do, so did the actors of course. But the real star of the film remains the background crowd. Never in movie history have I seen so many of them in each frame. I envy the caterer; the guy must have made big money, unless and until that crowd was offered only Prasad. Oh yes! The film had elements of comedy infused in it that made one cringe and the movie otherwise that was serious in nature made you laugh.

WTF: The entry of the Pitaji/Insaan/Hero on a hot air balloon that has rockstar written on it. His jump from the balloon to the bike and his slide near the dolphins with a guitar in his hand, made me wonder if somewhere in the by lanes of Bandra was Salman singing oh a aa jaane jaana.

Editor Take: Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh is megalomania personified; he is the action hero we so desperately never wanted. The scary bit of course is that there is a sequel in the offing. If this review is not good enough to keep you away from the film, please consult a psychiatrist immediately.

Rating: 5 out of 0 (The Baba effect! Shit! Unreal man)

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