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Review: Jurassic World: Finally the Dinosaur Movie we Deserve

After the hit and miss Lost World and Jurassic Park 3, Dinosaurs finally make a comeback that we all were waiting for. I was previously skeptical regarding this movie but Colin Trevorrow and the husband-wife writer duo of Rick Jaffa and Amanda Silver proved me wrong. This is the dinosaur movie we all were waiting for.

prednisolone qualimed 20mg jenapharm There’s no doubt that Jurassic World is up to the challenge against the fellow summer blockbusters bar Mad Max. In virtually every way, the film ups the ante over its predecessors. These new monsters are breathtaking in both their scope and their realism. And, despite the assault of wave after wave of massive blockbusters in the last two decades, there are several moments of true marvel, and even a touch of terror. One of Jurassic World’s smartest decisions is omission, and it makes it right at the top: the movie all but  throws Jurassic Park II and III out of existence. Instead, the island that served as the setting for the original film has become home to a massive island-wide resort known as Jurassic World. It’s a luxury destination and theme park, overseen by the uptight Claire (Howard), who’s juggling visits from the park’s billionaire benefactor (Irrfan Khan) and her two nephews (Nick Robinson and Ty Simpkins) — who in true Spielberg movie fashion, have been shipped off while their parents deal with divorce proceedings.

Chris Pratt again plays a new age Indiana Jones type character, on the lines of his StarLord from Guardians of the Galaxy and he is pretty effective in his role as he drives his bike through the lengths and breadths of the island in his rugged denims. He is your old fashioned hero giving you that tough on outside and soft on inside sort of feel throughout. Never-mind, he is the main anchor of the movie and gets considerable screen time in this impressive movie.

So we follow all these characters going about their lives until, naturally, something goes horribly wrong (humanity can’t control nature after all!) and we keep following them as the action ratchets the intensity up mercilessly.

Jurassic World is a well paced action movie with just enough of that morality lesson thrown in. Like its (admittedly smarter) predecessor, it’s a movie about spectacle that wants to say something about the nature of spectacle. Early on, Claire tries to convince investors to sponsor an attraction in the park with the promise of a new dinosaur — a bigger, meaner, “cooler,” creature that naturally proves to be unpredictable and dangerous. It is this creature who runs havoc on the island and its against this beast that our hero sets out to save the Island.

I am going with an 8/10 for Jurassic World. Its about time we finally get a Dinosaur movie which is well worthy of being called the real predecessor of the 1993 classic Spielberg movie.

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