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Review: Jurassic World: Brilliant action sequences make it amazing


The dinosaurs are back and they are bigger, badder and even more iconic then the one we saw the first time Jurassic Park first opened its doors.

Plot: On the island of Isla Nublar in Costa Rica, theme park goers enjoy their stay at the Hilton Isla Nublar hotel and enjoy all the educational activities (Mr. DNA, dig up dinosaurs, feed the Zuniceratops) and water shows the theme park has to offer. Simon Masrani (Irrfan Khan), the owner of Jurassic World is the perfect successor of this park as he realizes that the park’s success rests on inventing newer dinosaurs that are terrifying even in nightmares to parents let alone children. We see scientists working hard to achieve this vision. Dr. Henry Wu (BD Wong) and his team of geneticists engineer a new breed of dinosaur that is more than what anyone has bargained for. Initially brought on-board to evaluate and critique the safety of this new ‘Indominus Rex,’ Owen Grady (Chris Pratt) reveals that it is perhaps not a good idea to Claire (Bryce Dallas Howard), operations manager of Jurassic World. And then the Rex cuts loose and with her nephews being on the park, Claire cannot afford to have a dinosaur on the loose. From here on we see amazing adventure, action and chaos that’s meaningful.

Though the plot is somewhat repetitive about being a bad dinosaur escaping and running riot, still the visual splendor of the film brings a charm never seen before. The way a dinosaur is shown using its brain to get out and how it survives the most lethal attacks adds mystery to the show. In between all of this, there is also family drama. An aunt that does not have a close relationship with her nephews due to her busy work schedule, a military man seeking to use dinosaurs as a weapon, a love interest between Owen and Claire that is entirely void of any details, a teenager that cannot control his glares at other girls despite already having a devoted girlfriend in his life etc.

Jurassic World’s splendid visuals deserve accolades. The way the water one is shot jumping for its prey, the fight between the classic T-Rex and the Indominus Rex and how Raptors are shown being controlled by Owen are nothing short of fascinating visuals. You should watch it in 3D because the layers of 3D and screen depth are apparent and help to really sell a larger-than-life image of the park.

The makers understood that with changing time the audiences would also need more visual grandeur than the one’s that were presented before and there is no doubt that was taken care of. The only piece that looked uncooked was the hollowness of the characters. Except Chris Pratt, there was no actor who looked convincing. Colin Trevorrow, the film’s debut director, I must say handles the tough mantle well. The CG effects were amazing and we have to give it to director to pull it off so well.

You will remember Jurassic World for sure. You will remember some moments and when you enter the theater for the next installment, the expectations this one has set will be high.

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