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Reasons I will ask people to vote for Kejriwal for a better Delhi

I waited till today to write this because I wanted to give the BJP, who run the central government, the last day till the code of conduct applies in Delhi to deliver on their promises before the Lok Sabha polls. I am writing this today because I now want the AAP to come with a full majority government in Delhi and remind BJP of not turning complacent at the center. Here are the reasons why a strong Aam Aadmi Party is great for the national capital.

– We have to create alternatives. We know what is happening to the Congress. At this rate they will get extinguished in a matter of a couple of more state elections. I am not complaining because this happened to their doing. Left is no more seen, not on the ground, nor in TV debates. Regional parties we all know are too small to compete and only an AAP could really spring up quick if they deliver what they are promising in Delhi.

– The baseless argument of Arvind not being a great administrator is as silly as it could get. We all know the administration of 49 days and to me honesty in this day and age should be more a measure of elections than governance. Governance can also be learned plus the fact that there are string of officers who actually run the government. The politician is needed to keep them on toes and if Arvind and company proved one thing in 49 days, it was how they kept the babus on their toes.

– I believe even the staunchest supporters of the BJP want to know the sources of the 80% funding the party claims came from unknown sources. We all know which is the party who has to be called the pioneers in making the public aware about transparent funding. We have to give it to AAP to declare 100% assets on their website in a time and age when national parties have more than 75% funding sources unknown.

– I personally do not want a chamcha as a CM and no matter who becomes a CM in Delhi except that of Arvind Kejriwal he will be a “Yes Sir” CM. I believe this is why we voted Modi to power but what has happened since he has become PM is that every other CM knows only one thing and this is “Modi Raga”. I want an accountable leader as the CM of Delhi, someone who walks the talk himself, and takes the beating when something goes wrong.

– Enough of this nonsense of Ghar Wapasi and Ramzaade-Haramzaade. Lets be honest about one thing. If for the first time someone spoke of politics beyond Ram Temple and caste system, it is the AAP. BJP has to agree that their foundation was laid courtesy the Babri Masjid demolition and their biggest cadre on the ground, the RSS and VHP, are now running the infamous Ghar Wapasi campaign. I want to move beyond this nonsense and look for real development and AAP looks like the only alternative.

– I have started hating the BJP model of fighting the Delhi election. Ugly advertisements against Arvind Kejriwal, playing the caste card, inciting communalism where it’s needed and the complaining attitude is what looks like the strategy of BJP this time to win Delhi. I found it appalling to see the Finance Minister and her state equivalent doing press conferences to push charges of money laundering against AAP. I found it further appalling when the FM of the country declined going to the courts to investigate AAP. I as the citizen of the country wants the AAP to be investigated and charged if they are wrong and I believe it’s the job of investigating agencies and courts to do that. Mr. FM, kindly let me remind you that you are no more in opposition. You are running a country now and if you think something is wrong you need to take action and not do press conferences.

I know a lot of you including this author think that with BJP in the center it will be good to have them in Delhi so that both governments work in tandem. Let me not mince words by saying that it is foolish to think like that. All BJP followers should remind themselves of Gujarat when they talk like that which in their own words developed, when in the center there was a UPA government. Let AAP win in Delhi this time and make sure that the NDA does not do the same mistakes of complacency and corruption that we saw during UPA’s regime. Arvind might become the CM of a small state but we know that he knows how to keep a tight leash on everything.

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