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Reaction to Faisal Qureshi’s Video

This morning I came across this video of Faisal Qureshi and I thought I should write something about it. Before reading this, you might want to watch this video below,

First of all let me talk about the movie. I haven’t watched it yet and therefore not possible to understand the movie completely but though by watching the trailer I understood the concept. Well, I don’t support this sort of movie as I believe this will only increase hatred between these two neighboring countries. Just after the release of the movie Bajrangi Bhaijan which helped improving the relation between these two countries, Phantom would be the last thing anyone would want.  AS a common man I don’t support any sort of violence and hatred and therefore I don’t support this movie.

Having said that I also don’t support what Faisal Qureshi had to say in this video. Half the time he contradicts his words, at one point he says that Pakistan doesn’t attach India without any reason, then again he corrects himself by saying that he doesn’t mean that Pakistan attacks India.

The way he was addressing Saif Ali Khan made me think this man has to be a sexist since he is trying to insult Saif Ali Khan by altering his gender and when I found few of his tweets, it looked like he is a sexist. Here are few tweets of Faishal

Then he also mentioned how Pakistani people only buy pirated CDs so that Bollywood faces loss. So I just tried to find if that is true and this is what I came across, here are 5 movies of Bollywood which did good in Pakistan

  1. Bajrangi Bhaijan – 40 Crore
  2. PK – 18 Crore
  3. Dhoom 3 – 12 Crore
  4. Race 2 -4.93 Crore
  5. Don 2 – 4 Crore

So in a word, that is not completely true, Indian movies do good in Pakistan too. Can anybody give me 5 Pakistani movie names which did good in India?

Anyway, my objective is not to spread hatred. My point is even if someone has made such a movie in Bollywood and if you want to review that, do that thing logically at least, what’s the point of bringing stuffs out of nowhere. Pm Modi is released by court long ago, what is the point of talking about that?

At the end I don’t think Pakistan’s enemy lives without the country but its within the country. The Taliban or LeJ are causing more trouble to Pakistan than India. I am also pretty sure this man alone do not represent Pakistan and lets not judge the mentality of Pakistani by this single act.


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