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RAPE….From A Girl’s Perspective

I was talking to a lady friend of mine. The most common news now a days we see in channels or read in newspapers is Rape. So I just tried to understand her point of view, what does she think. This piece is a reaction against the action of male, rape, from a girl’s perspective.

robaxin 500mg reviews “When the 16 december rape happened I wasn’t in delhi. I came back almost a month after the incident. In spite of the extreme winter, the atmosphere was burning due to the incident a month ago. Everybody was still talking about it. Many people were protesting against such a devilish act.

I was in extreme fear and I feel all the girls of Delhi felt the same way. To put it better: all girls of India were scared like shit. It proves no matter where you stay, if it can happen in the capital, it can happen anywhere in India. I stopped going out alone after sunset. Once me and two of my friends were on a tour to old fort at day time and a bunch of boys started following us. We were scared and found comfort when we saw a lady police. Her reply to our complaint was startling though. She said “why are you roaming here without any male companion, it can be risky!”

This is what my objection is. Nirbhaya was also with her friend but did that change anything. And not because of that reason only but I object to keep a male friend with me just to protect me. I don’t believe it can be a solution, neither for short term and never for long term.

I was also very angry and this anger wasn’t against the opposite gender. This anger was against the nature. Why are we designed in such a way that we can be used as a commodity? Why we have to hide our faces? In US there is a law which allows the rapist to take the custody of the rape child, I say why such law? Does that law not make the victim even weaker, taking everything from her for such an incident which was never her fault?

Even now in Delhi, irrespective of kind of clothes you wear, people will stare at you, and despite of you feeling horrified of those stares, you have to keep avoiding. They will find you hot and sexy even if you are in a Burkha and will fantasize about you even if you are 50 ft away and this is what horrifies me.

I want you all to take a stand. Words will always remain words, start doing something starting from today. Do you protest against the eve teaser you see at narrow lanes, do you protest against our Government which takes 18 years to solve a rape case, do you protest against our police department. who most of the times are biased and above all, can you correct yourself, from this moment? Can you change the way you think about girls? We are not vegetables available at shops, so please stop eating us without our consent.”


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