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Rameswaram: A Place with Mystifying effects

Located in the southern district of Tamil Nadu, Rameswaram is touted to be a famous religious pilgrimage site. I am not religious, but I am attracted to the mysticism of religion, the spiritual aspect of it. Rameswaram is precisely located on the Pamban Island, which is also known as the Rameswaram Island and it is in the Gulf Of Mannar, at the tip of the Indian Peninsula.

6 nicotinell 14 mg This was a family trip giving my family the chance to travel from the otherwise mundane life. On our journey, we played some soul-stirring music, as we are fond of classic Hindi music. After a long and tiresome car journey, we stopped at a local food joint to have a quick meal. The atmosphere was filled with locals. As I was browsing through the local newspaper I came across an article, which featured a new story about the rising death in the state due to mosquito bite diseases like dengue, malaria and chikungunya. Then there was a special feature story on the success of a B grade Tamil film. Life is ironical, that’s what the news stories seem to suggest. On one hand, there is celebration happening in someone’s life and on the other, there are innocent people dying just because a mosquito has bitten them?

I was enjoying the trip and the experience of talking about different things with my family. The next day we reached Rameswaram. I was smitten by the positive energy of the place. It was a good relief from the tiresome car journey. After a brief time in the hotel, we went ahead to discover the temples of Rameswaram. The first temple we had visited was the Ramanathaswamy Temple, famous temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. The temple was mesmerizing. The pathway that leads to the temple has 1000 pillars. We spent the day exploring the place and getting to know the locale there. After a good exploration of the temple, we went ahead to try the food of the place. Much to my surprise, the food was delicious and spicy.

After the good time spent in the temple and good food, we thought of exploring the local market. Not that I needed anything, but I chose to buy some health related products like medicines for headache, stomach ache, mosquito repellent and some chocolates. . My family was busy checking out local shopping materials to buy for home. I was buying the insect repellent for the first time and I did not know what made me pick Jungle Formula. Whatever it was, it was a good decision in the end. The product gave 8-hours of protection from mosquitoes and it is suitable for adults as well as children who are above 3 years of age.

Hmm, sounds perfect. I was armed with all the necessary items I needed for a comfortable trip. I personally believe that one must take the conscious effort of shopping for health products because ultimately health is the only wealth. Anyway, I was ready to discover more of what Rameswaram had to offer us. The place was serene, spiritual and mystifying. Although there are lots of mosquitoes and it is recommended that the tourist must be armed with a repellent.

The trip, which began with a long and tiring car journey, had a sweet and simple end to it. Now we are back home with a new set of memories to rejoice over.

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