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Rahul Yadav’s Reddit AMA and Amazing Answers


I was looking forward to this AMA more than even if say a Sachin Tendulkar’s. To be absolutely candid, this 26-year-old is now India’s most interest generating entrepreneur. I knew he would answer as candidly as he talks to his VC’s and so he did. Here are a few of his super cool answers.

To a question asked of how should I react to my parents who tease me showing Yadav as a crorepati his response was instantaneous.


He came out strong when asked why does he blame the VC’s and could be able to build a Housing.com without them.


I was waiting for someone to ask of abusive language usage by a CEO and I was wondering if Rahul would be apologetic. His answers only re-instated my beliefs about me.

Abusive Language

And he rebuffed some rumours too, especially the one around him owning an expensive car. car

And yes there were some “nice” words about Sequoia Capital :).


On competition and benchmarking with some statistics. He used words like “Bullshit”. Knowing him though the description was way lesser reactive than what I had expected.


And he gave gyaan, the one that I found interesting was having a new idea, a real problem solving one and he was quick to agree that even housing ain’t a new thing.


Frankly, I was looking for much more but I was also satisfied by some really cool kick ass undiplomatic answers. Believe me, only Rahul Yadav could had been so candid in the entire start-up scene.

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