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Prime minister and Me !

Mr Prime Minister I can totally empathise with your silence in the recent past…after all you have a country to manage! I too am a PM (Prime Member) in my family..I am the ruling party by default please no applause. Yes you can imagine what I am up against aha two kids and a hubby thats more than enough for a opposition who again by default are the MPs (Most Pime).

I too search for silence to make it through the day; however let me be mighty clear here it isn’t easy at all..while the house whether upper lower bigger smaller you can relate to.. is always a mess, routines chaotic, schedule upside down and somehow there is no room for adjournment!

While most of the time I rely on my gut feeling (which is almost negligible by now ) and my motherly wifely instincts bestowed upon me by I wish in my crazy head that if I could ape the silence of our prime minister..would it help.? Pls tell me it would.. not that I haven’t given it a go… it always starts peacefully obviously cause no ones around..suprised ? The opposition is in sleeping mode 🙂 it continues peacefully until it reaches a point where I know…well you know it too…Silencers and and not silence is what I seek while the opposition gears up in arms to destroy whatever seemed in place a few seconds ago..and hey I am damn serious when I say ‘seconds ago”

My voice is raised to the highest decibels as usual falls on deaf ears..I want to throw myself into it and get all in order and there it goes…silence is silenced once again and dies a natural death..whoever thought being in the ruling party would be so much fun! (Sic!)

Well in moments like these you look towards the speaker of the house to get some sanity back..yes in my house its GOD and he does talk to me he tries to calm me down he makes sure there is an interim adjournment but in reality who listens to the speaker (literally)…they do the walk out and go about with their job which leaves me with not much.

I conclude and I am so damn sure…
Managing a nation is still much a better deal than managing a home…Mr. PM you wanna switch.? Hello….


  1. Nice one Jo. I can see the similarities you outline very well but, just playing the Devils Advocate here, do you realise there is one big difference that will sway away your opinion on a swap…. At least in your household everyone loves you; for any PM that will be a sheer rarity given their quota of opposition, sycophants, back stabbers, etc etc….. That makes a world of a difference

  2. However, when she started pestering Kwon Yul to marry her, In-ho began to perceive Da-jung as just another woman who wants to get close to the Prime Minister, and despised her greatly.

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