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Praktan- Is it a slap on the patriarchal society or accepting its rigidness?

The Nandita-Shibaprasad duo has created several unostentatious movies on complex human relationships and Praktan is no exception. The movie revolves around the divorced protagonist Sudipa Sen (Rituparna Sen Gupta) who is most oftenly reminded of her haunting past relationship with Ujaan Mukherjee (Prasenjit Chatterjee). The movie,beautifully and lucidly shot in a train, portrays the conflict between the husband and the wife,while they were once in a relation and also depicts the present relationship between the husband and his present wife, played by Aparajita Audhya and his  innocent daughter.

The directors also convey bitter and trustworthy conjugal lives by underlining and introducing three other unnecessary subplots.However the one enacted by Soumitra and Sabitri Chatterjee is highly commendable.
Tagore’s songs and poems in ‘Sanchayita’ attract the audience time and again,and so are thoughtful songs by Anupam Roy, Bhoomi and Chandrabindoo.

Although the directors have touched upon the patriarchal society and its thought yet the character of Sudipa Sen overshadows the men’s world that of Ujaan Chatterjee. What attracts me most is the beautiful locale of Calcutta and the city’s heritage been shown by the directors in the hands of lovers.

Sudipa, at the climax,finally accepts her obstinacy ,unnecessary arrogance and uncompromising attitude in front of the present wife.However her present husband played by Saswata, breaks her deep realisation,in front of Ujaan by ‘surprising’ her while he comes to pick her up at Howrah Station without her ‘phone calls’ and ‘SMS s’.

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