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Pleading for Justice for Yash and Prince


On Sunday, June 7 2015, I got a call from my Chachi (Aunt) at 6:53 PM. She was crying on the phone and informed me that my brother (Yash Nandal, resident of I-1/66, Budh Vihar, Phase – I, Delhi -86) drowned in the Khera Canal, Sector-16, Rohini.

I saw her crying profusely when I reached the Khera canal. Then one of the three guys (Shahrukh) came to me and told me that on their way along the canal, Prince got upset and sat on the edge of the canal. Then suddenly he slipped and fell into the canal and started drowning. Seeing his friend drowning, Yash took off his shirt and shoes and jumped in the canal to save him. But he started drowning too, so the other three jumped as well to save both of them with their clothes on. They started drowning as well. But somehow they were rescued. A passer by, who happened to be carrying a rope with him while traveling, saved one of them. One of them saved himself by holding on to the stairs and the last one also got saved.

My brother and his friend Prince were really good swimmers. The statements the other three of them made were highly contradicting. They were drunk that time and were behaving very oddly. So, we got suspicious and registered a complaint against them late that night at Samaipur Badli Police Station. Police took them into custody and recorded their statements, which again did not match. So, we requested the police officers to trace the cellphones of all 5 of them, namely Yash Nandal, Prince Dixit, Sachin Dabas, Shahrukh Ali and Deepak Sethi. However, police did not do it.

It’d have been a lot of help for us if we were able to check their locations at the reported time of incident and might aid in the investigation. On June 9, Tuesday morning, their bodies were recovered from the Wazirabad Water Plant Canal. My brother was wearing only undergarments and Prince had a capri on him only.

The below points proves that something is missing in this case:

  1. As per the three of them, the incident took place around4.30 – 5.00 PM, which means that the three of them would have been saved before5 pm. However, none of them informed the 2 families of the missing persons before 6:53 PM. Why did they wait for 2 hours? What was being done in this gap that was more important than informing the families of the drowning ones?
  2. Their constantly changing/contradicting statements. Their written statements provided to the police station are different from each other at many points.
  3. Why didn’t police trace their cellphone locations, which could have been a lot of help in solving this case?
  4. If Prince slipped, how come his body had only capri/shorts on him, and as per the three of them Yash took off his shirt and shoes only, how come his body was found in undergarments only?
  5. Why is police refusing to register an FIR on our behalf, when we can straight away see these kids are hiding something?

Please help us in getting justice for my brother.

Ashish Nandal
(Victim Yash’s Brother)

NOTE: The one with red scarf is Yash


  1. We studied together and had very close relation with yash and prince. They learnt swimming in front of me, and they can’t die by drowning. I am praying for the sake of justice and whoever is involved in this case they gets a very hard punishment , it could be their friends or police officials who are taking this case lightly. I m with you and if any kind of help is needed on my part thn please allow me to be a helping hand in this fight for justice.

  2. Three of us i.e. Yash ,prince n me were good friends since class 6th , i knw both of them very well well. Even today i m nt ready to accept that they died due to drowning. As it is in my best knowledge that they did swimming in BMW SWIMMING POOL sector-8 rohini, continuously for one year. Although i m waiting for p.m. Report and ready to take every initiative to secure justice for them.

  3. I never had interacted with yash or prince.. We were in same school but after reading all this about both of them i wish dat may truth will win RIP yash n prince..
    n may god give strength to their families to deal with this type of nightmare.

  4. They both(prince and yash ) were my gud friends, we have studied in same school nd same class as well and have lots of gud memories together.itssss very hard to believe that they are no more, i know they were gud swimmers and i really pray that they get justice…..

  5. I dont intend to hurt anyone’s feelings but all i wanna say is that no matter how good swimming you know.. You still have to fear of this canal. This canal is as deepbas 16 feet with running water which sometimes flow slowly and sometimes very fast. I myslef have seen many people drowning in this canal. People should try not to swim at this canal no matter how good they know swimming. At a swimming pool there is water which isn’t flowing, this neher has flowing water. Anyone can easily drown in it. RIP both of you. and i wish strength for your family!

  6. Prince mera bhot Acha frn tha yash se jada baat ni thi but jaha tk baat thi wo b bhot Acha ldka tha..n jaha tk mjhe pta h prince Mjhse jb b baat krta tha r Shahrukh ka matter uthta tha to wo hmesha usey gaaliya deta tha r khta tha mjhe Ye ldka bilkul psnd ni..yr socchne wali baat h rishikesh jaisi jgha pe ni doobe Ye log to neher me Kaise doob skte h..Kuj na Kuj glt hi hua h ni to prince r yash Aise ni the ki wo tair na paye..r agr wo ache swimmers ho k b doob skte h to Ye teeno Kaise bacch Gye..missing both of them..trust hi ni ho pa ra ki unke sth aisa Kuj hua h..:'(

  7. We surely will get justice as it is only thing which we can do for our brothers.
    I am Prince’s elder brother and I saw him swimming. Yash and Prince both were good swimmers. Last month Yash went to Haridwar with my family and we saw Prince and Yash swimming in ‘the Ganga’ river. Its just unbelievable that some stupid canal drowned them……. All that three so called frenz of our brothers are clearly hiding something. But it will not gonna that much far as they want it to be.
    Thanks for the people who are supporting us.

    1. RIP Prince and Yash 🙁
      N am with people who wants justice 🙂
      @rajni @Yash’s bro @Prince’s bro …
      am with you guys @menakshi u r right.

  8. @yash bhaiya’s bro I m also wid u vo mere sabse acche bade bhai the 🙁 can’t believe he is nt more:'( n prince 🙁 RIP both 🙁

  9. Hii I don’t know anything abt yash prince n I nvr heared anything abt them …bt I surly know rajni maurya … N i want that if anything wrong would happen with them..then they absolutely get justice…n m also with ol of u….may god give strength to their families…R.I.P. in yash and prince…

  10. Hi…I don’t know anything abt yash n prince…n I also nt heared anything abt them….bt I know rajni Maurya very well….n m also with ol of u bcoz if anything wrong would happen with them they should surely get justice….may god give strength to their families…..R.I.P. Yash n prince…n m always with truth…..

  11. RIP yash nd prince.. I didn’t know them bt aftr reading dis post i m also with u nd may they get justice.

  12. I don’t know ki matter kya hai.But Jo hua bhot bura hua.Bus ab ye karo Jo friends yash or Prince Kay sath the unko cont karo and Jo Galt Hai usse punished karo..and I req u ki unki family ki help karo all friends….Prince and Yash…Report and ready to take every intiative to secure justice for them…Yash and Prince….miss u…all friend kishi bhi help ki jerurt ho plz call me this number 9015095001 i help u ok..I lived in Rohini Sect-24 ok…

  13. If you all are so confident about it that they are good swimmer and they were never drown in thr river so why don’t you go for media……

  14. I feel sooo bad 🙁
    They lived in my colony
    But i nvr heard of any one of them before this
    Even though i dnt knw them
    I really want them to get justice !!

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