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Plagued by Poverty


buy modafinil canada PLAGUED BY POVERTY

“Poverty is not an accident like slavery and apartheid; it is man-made and can be removed by the actions of human beings…”

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how to buy accutane A fatal disease has broken out,

Let me tell you what it’s all about…

zithromax mg The people affected by this,

Clothes, food and shelter if they had, I wish!

This epidemic is not newly discovered, but ageing,

It does nothing other than inhibiting a country from prospering.

To treat its patients,

Schemes have been implemented and acts have been passed,

But the aid never reaches them, alas!

Corruption worsens the scene,

As it gobbles up the furtherance funds in between.

Many still remain glee,

As the world is being plagued by poverty.

But a ray makes its way through the dark clouds,

This seems to hold the ability to heal the wounds.

For now has come the spree,

For us to end poverty…

Over years, not only the statistics of poverty have changed but even its definition has. Although the United Nations organization defines poverty in its absolute terms  as the unavailability of the amount of money necessary to meet a human’s basic needs such as food, shelter and clothing but I believe that poverty is not just limited to that but has a broader connotation.

Poverty is even the lack of opportunity, denial of rights, militancy and terrorism as these are the factors which inhibit a country from being called developed.

The brutality of poverty doesn’t just end at this definition, it leads to a vicious cycle of destitution wherein an unhealthy mother brings an unhealthy child in this world, if the child is anyhow able to sustain life, then she becomes a victim of malnutrition and if she ever grows up it would be just to witness the same cycle as her mother did.

Everyone possesses a heart to sympathize but not the humanity to reach out and help those who have been inheriting nothing but poverty. So are the citizens of the world succeeding in reducing the poverty which thrives all over this globe?

No. though, efforts have been made but no milestone has been achieved. Schemes have been implemented but no major change has been observed. The statistical percentages have shown a declining trend but has not the global population increased too?

Talking about the largest democratic state on this globe, India, poverty is an ageing devil which stands on the war front against this nation in the battle of development. Here, eradication of poverty is a dream and even its reduction seems hypothetical. The ones who hold an authority have a vision limited to that of implementation of acts and launching of schemes, unable to foresee the problems which could follow.

Next, the resources and the funds which have been dispatched for aid are devoured by the malpractices which thrive in the Indian political hierarchy.

Many public health centers have been setup by the government that provide the poor with free medical treatment and the newborns are kept under observation for a certain period of time to see to the infant mortality rates in the rural areas. Schools which provide free education to the impoverished have been established in most of the parts of the country. A number of employment schemes have been put in action too. But alas! The provisions made aren’t efficient enough. The service provided by the health centers is meager and the staff is under equipped. The schools don’t possess an efficient staff too and the quality of education isn’t promising enough to provide the students with a sustainable future.

The NGOs which have been working day in and out don’t have a great outreach and haven’t progressed much due to the lack of support from the concerned authorities .The statistical percentage of poverty is often exaggerated by the NGOs and understated by the Government authorities.

In terms of the other aspects of poverty, the country has now transformed from an ill-fated nation wherein just social evils thrived to a nation which till an extent is free of unsocial elements. This has happened mainly due to the efforts put in by various youth organizations to bring awareness about such polluting features through the social media, campaigns and drives. On the contrary, a major part of the country’s population still lives below the poverty line.

Talking about the neighboring communist state of China, poverty had once reigned over the majority of its population. China has not only developed in the last few decades but has even emerged as an economic leader and a superpower. The country’s development is a result of an economic reform known briefly as the ‘open door policy’ the highlights of which being, trade liberalization and opening up to Foreign Direct Investments (FDIs) in the country .

Along with these, improvement was witnessed in the investment climate too. Population was brought under control through implementation and regulation of certain rules and the broader aspects of poverty never prevailed much in the Chinese society.

Such measures borne fruit with the poverty rates falling from 63% of the total population in 1981 to just 10% of the total population in 2004. This indicated that a whopping 5 million people had escaped out from poverty.

As a measure of reducing disparities, the Chinese government has abolished agricultural tax and has even increased central powers to fund health and education in rural areas. (Poverty in China)

Such measures if replicated throughout the planet, though, would consume a great amount of time but would eventually bring a drastic change.

Eradication of poverty needs a multiplied strategy but the central one has to be the creation of massive wage employment opportunities in both, the public and the private accounts in rural areas.

As lack of political and social economic awareness still thrives in many rural societies, there’s a great need for their awakening and thus, people should be made well aware of what measures have been taken for their betterment. New vocations conducive of income generating activities should be introduced in order to obtain skilled labor. There’s a strong need to strengthen all the poverty alleviation programmes and schemes which are in force and even see to that no malpractices deprive the resources from reaching the ones whom they are meant for.

The features belonging to the broader aspect of poverty can only be eradicated if we change our mindsets. Its only when the militants will realize the advantages of peace that there will be no conflicts. Its only when men will learn to respect women and try to treat them equally that gender discrimination will find no place in the society. Its only when the conservatives will be aware of the immense powers a woman possesses that there will be no denial of rights.

Let’s begin with ourselves, at individual levels, let’s set an example for this world to follow. Let’s be humane

Each one of us will have to take a step, a step which could be as small as donations or as powerful as a movement. The step has to be taken irrespective of its magnitude as they will lead to a revolution and subsequently bring a change.  If we, the humans hold an ability to chase the winds and touch the sky, we can accomplish this task too. All we need is determination and most importantly, humanity, the trait which many belonging to our species are deficient of. Lessening poverty is not an easy task; the path which leads to it is littered with adversities and challenges. But we will have to make it to our destination, a world free of each and every aspect of poverty.

We have come a long way,

Yet there’s a great distance to be covered.

But we shall overcome it too someday,

Only if you don’t let your determination undiscovered…

So let’s take a stand,

Let us turn this Earth into a new land.

A place, where peace would prevail,

Where happiness would be available in sale

From where all the Social Evils would flee,

Let’s make Poverty just a chapter of History…

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