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Phantom movie review

The literal meaning of Phantom is a ghost, not real, illusory. The name is very much justified for the movie as the role Saif Ali Khan playing here is very secretive, something which needs to be dealt very cautiously, to other people he should remain as a ghost.

Few years back I hope you can remember that US went into Pakistan in a secret mission to kill Osama and they did it rightly. The movie is based on the logic if US can do so, why can we not do the same, its even more feasible for us since its our neighbor country. This movie revolves around the plot of the book, Mumbai Avengers.

In a word, this movie is amazing. From acting to story, from editing to momentum, everything is great about this movie. May be if they would have used someone like Kangna or someone else instead of Katrina Kaif, it could have been better but I mgiht also be biased as I don’t like Katrina Kaif.

Saif Ali Khan has done it again, after two movies like Humshakals and Happy Ending, it was time for him to rise and has done it perfectly with this movie. A lot of people didn’t like his movie agent vinod but I just loved it and Phantom reminded me of that movie, I think Saif Ali Khan should these kind of movies more.

Talking about other technicalities this movie is just too good in every aspect. The director has done a great job. The movie is so tight that you might not even get time to go out and pee, you will have to wait till interval. This movie is worth watching, awesome use of sick leave 😛

Rating: 4/5


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