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PCOS, What?


So, having PCOS is like being in love with a man who refuses to love you back, but you are so desperately in love with him that you do all these things for him to love you back but all you get is a cold shoulder all your life and side effects that will haunt you all your life. SO, the only way out of this is to not show any love, PCOS thrives on your love for food; you eat all the food you love like pizzas, pastas, fried foods and sugars. Like a man who completely takes advantage of your weakness for him and you buy him expensive gifts, give him money to spend and take him to all the expensive restaurants for a little bit love from him, but that’s not going to happen, he is going to go running to the arms of another woman and will call you clingy and needy! So, just like that PCOS loves the fact that you’re putting all these things into your body for it to thrive, you think nothing is going to happen, but you’re so wrong, you will soon come face to face with the cruel side-effects: Hair, hair everywhere, potbelly, acne, black patches, skin tags, infertility and so on.

So, the first step is to move on: don’t show any love, do the opposite, Eat green and brown foods with no sugar or natural sugar substitutes that will make PCOS go berserk, take it by surprise; send a shockwave down your endocrine system. Don’t show any love, hate PCOS with a passion and then you’ll slowly see your body showing you love, just like a man who you go away from runs after you just like that! But, just because he comes to you doesn’t mean you should take him back…the same way all your life eat brown, green and no sugar diet and workout like crazy, PCOS will suddenly improve, your body will come back to normal, you’ll think “okay, PCos is gone, and i am back in shape, so i can eat whatever I want” No way you’re going to do that. PCOS is a disorder you live with all your life, it might be in snooze mode for a while and fool you, but you should know more and just eat right and work out to keep it in that lonely dark corner all your life. A man might come back to you and say he’s changed but the minute you show him things are normal and you have forgiven him; he goes to being that jerk you left in the first place. So PCOS is kind of like a jerk, keep him away for all your life and do not show any love! And for that you need to eat right and work out! If you love yourself, I know you do, and love your body, then never give up on your mission! I am sure you can more than do it!

So, PCOS, huh! Well, you’ve won half the battle when you apply this “STOP WHITE, GO ORGANIC, and GREEN AND BROWN”

Eat Low Gl foods and include complex carbohydrates in your food instead of simple starch. White rice is straight simple starch which will do no good to your body except going straight to your hips, so go brown, eat unpolished brown rice, wild red rice (unpolished). Instead of eating white flour pasta eat whole-wheat or wholegrain pasta. Stay away from pizzas until you lose all that stubborn weight. Also, stay away from fried foods. Fried foods are a big no! No Pakoras, samosas, no Chinese or Mexican food! No Quesadillas, tacos, burritos, none of those things. Oh, yeah, also a big thumbs down for Burgers and anything from joints like KFC, McDonalds, Burger King or any fast food joint. NO French fries.

Eliminate all the white in your life, I mean when it comes to food: White flour, White rice, sugar, salt, Milk (use with discretion or look for alternatives like Almond milk, Oats milk, Hemp Milk etc.).

http://wpchotsprings.com/AutoCAD-MEP-Ändern-leichtgemacht(NTnfl1hTcOY Alternatives:

buy prednisone 5mg White flour: Eat organic ground whole-wheat flour, organic wholegrain flour. Most Indian/or any other labels that say whole-wheat flour has Maida in it, so read the ingredients before you buy!

follow site Sugar: There is a whole big market for sugar alternatives. But do not use Splenda, Saccharin, and Aspartame etc. Do not go anywhere near to anything that says “Artificial sugar sweetener” No! No! It could lead to something else like breast Cancer in women! Look for the word “Natural sugar substitute.”

You should look at: Agave nectar, Xylitol (derived from birch tree pulp and it is also a naturally occurring sugar in some fruits), Stevia (derived from the stevia plant), Raw Honey, Coconut Palm Sugar. These are healthy alternatives to the big destructive devils like White sugar and artificial sweeteners.

Milk: If you are not person who drinks milk, then you are okay. I also recently stumbled upon the fact that whole milk is the best kind of milk. Do not go for the skim. 2%, 1% or fat-free kind. Fat free also means stripping milk of its natural nutrition and adding chemically processed nutrition.

Milk Alternatives: Oat milk, Hemp Milk, Almond Milk (choose the ones without added sugar and organic). I have not included Soy Milk because Soy milk or anything with soy taken on the long run might actually work against women with PCOS. It might also lead to breast cancer. So stay from anything that says “Soy” because I think you will be doing more harm than good. I used to take soy a lot, and then I was wondering if I was overdoing it, so I started reading up on Soy, then I found that I was better off eating white rice and everything else than eating soy. So, stay away from soy, does not mean you should go back to eating white stuff, though!

I know, India has just woken up to Soy-rise! (Instead of sunrise every morning), India is going ga-ga over soy! Every product including chapatti atta has the soy-goodness (goodness?? really???) added to it! All the marketing and advertising over soy is doing so bad to everyone eating it. Even men eating too much soy can lead to them becoming impotent. I guess it will take a few more years to learn about the ill effects of soy. The most horrifying thing I read about soy was that if a baby girl is fed soy from childhood then there are lots of chances for her to become infertile and have lot of hormonal problems and ultimately even breast cancer.

When I was in NYC, after I read about the dirty side of soy, I just walked up to the supermarket and went straight to the children’s aisle, and viola, I was shocked to see that, babies are being fed soy from their childhood, every milk powder, baby cereal, Baby formula has so much Soy in it. It opened my eyes; no wonder girls have so many hormonal problems because we have soy in everything these days!


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