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Organised chaos is what team OUWT had become quite skilled at by now – and so in the midst of all the start up frenzy we managed to organise and pull off a whole wedding – that too one with all the Indian rituals and extra shabang !

We did our best to keep it simple but that wouldn’t be very fair to our pretty doll bride Chandni , so we all doubled up our hours between work and wedding planning and it turned out to be a much required break for all. Our founder Prateek pretty much stayed out of it and just showed up on the respective day. (as is advisable for all grooms 🙂 )

A couple of highlights about this particular wedding – the pheras took place at a bar coz of last minute decisions. The groom also wore jeans to his pheras which seemed quite okay with us but gave the aunties and uncles something to talk about for the next month or so I think. (always happy to help :D)

We went through the mehendi, the sangeet, the after party and the after after party with some excellent enthusiasm and energy. It turned out to be a great bonding factor for all of us too – just in case we thought we didn’t already spend enough time together. 😀

This beautiful couple was blissfully married and went to Goa for a quick weekend to breathe some different air and also because a honeymoon at this stage was not possible.

Once the rest of our team got done with the wedding, we started looking for a bit of an office space – since we would soon require this to hire a few full time people. We also believed that once we actually got into an office space, we would attract some quicker and better funding by beginning to live what we had been visualising. (yes – the secret had started coming into play by now.) 🙂

Money would be a bit of an issue for the new office space and maybe even for our first couple of employees – but we kept at it -like the super troopers we had conditioned ourselves to be by now !

More about that in our next post : happy #steppingOUWT till then. xoxo

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