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Only sometimes…

Those ignoring looks, not wanting to sideline me

were never encountered before.

Those kind greetings of half-done wicked smiles

had given my earnest agonies, a gentle cure.

That subtle touch whose twitch of pain,

for my whole life, I’m ready to endure.

How can I forget all those moments which

though had filled my my memory with affluence,

yet ,for which, I’ll forever crave to implore.

Those glorious days had reached the climax along with me

and I did feel my lure go overtone.

But I could still not count on

the foray of love by which I was blown.

The eerie question, that had started to suck me, said

Will you ever get what someone in your heart has sown?

I was doomed when a thing so harsh fondled my mind

Was it just a misconception so deep into me that had gone?

At once I felt something divine close to my neck

gently pouring into me a scent of sweet tone

And then the inevitable tears smiled in my eyes when you whispered,

Hey, look Im here-You’re never alone!

Only sometimes…Fate leads us into things so unknown

that compel us to take a shine to.

Just simple small episodes and

our dotty hearts start to vanquish every rue.

Where did everything got its start

or how did it all grew?

-the closeting changes with fluctuating rapture ranges;

Is neither known to me nor to you.

But it has made us realise that even today in this frantic world

there are yet soothing drops of dew.

Yes, it’s only sometimes that these facts holds true.

Only sometimes…

When the tale encircles just me and you!

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