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Only If She Had Known

He saw her looking at him from a distance,

She looked down embarrassed

He kept looking at her, looking at him

She continued waking up with his thoughts.

Only if she had known.


They started talking,

He messaged her, she never wanted it to stop

He said he’s in love with her, she was insecure and said no

She cried all night, cursing herself, he said he’ll wait.

Only if she had known.


She ran to his house on a rainy night,

Drenched in rain, she enveloped her self in him to never let go, he just smiled, never replying

She said that she loves him when wetness met hardness, he kissed her softly

He slit her throat, she bled.

He kept her body close

He whispered in her ears, said “I love you”, and hugged her till eternity.

Only if she had known

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