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Now you can watch Youtube Offline


Very recently Youtube has launched its offline feature where you can watch a video without buffering. Its pretty simple to use and will benefit a lot of user in a market like India where we still struggle with the Internet speed on our day to day lives.

The process is mentioned below

  1. Check if you are connected to any wifi, if not connect yourself
  2. Open your Youtube app on your mobile
  3. Open any random video, probability is very high that video would be available offline
  4. Just below the video on the right side you will see a download sign, touch that sign
  5. This will not download your video but will make it offline which means even if you don’t have internet for the next two days, you still can watch the video
  6. If you do not connect to internet for next 2 days and do not come back to this video, it will go away but you can make it offline again, whenever you want.

Check this TVC  Youtube has launched recently.



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