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November 16, the day Tendulkar retired, still haunts me


micardis hct cost Have you ever feared a roof falling off, only because of sheer sound? Have you ever sensed tears around you in absolute pin drop silence? Reminiscing that date, still gives me Goosebumps.

Even today an year later, it’s hard to believe that the man’s journey of 24 years between 22 yards is over.

It is said ‘All good things come to an end’, yet as my friend Rohit had said last year, that he thought Sachin would play on forever. How I wish that could have been a reality. It’s still tough to see the game without that man in the playing eleven.

A year later, Indian cricket has moved on. Yes! It still remains an eternal favourite. I still hate to see my team lose. For all my love for football and FIFA, my heart already looks forward to 2015, where Dhoni & Co. will defend their title. Except for some really important games, like the T20 knockouts, I haven’t really been glued to the TV for the men in blue.

There seems to be a certain disconnect with the happening around now. Even today, it being a leisurely Sunday, had the man been around, millions like me would have been glued to the TV set watching India take on Lanka, but here I am penning down thoughts on a Cricket post about the Sachin Tendulkar era.

Yesterday I was talking to a friend, again a crazy Sachin fan. He said ‘I cried like a baby when the man choked in his last moments on the field’. He added further ‘there is a sense of disillusionment with the game now’. Dhoni might win several other cups, Kohli might shatter all his records yet the romanticism we had with the game was over the day Sachin walked back into sunset one final time. I guess that’s their kind of love affair we have shared with him.

The good bit is that quite a few theories have been laid to rest. For all the fanatics, who had very little understanding of the game and its heroes then, and continue to be naive even now, must have understood that the man never played for himself, he did not prolong his career for advertisement contracts, because even today an year later the man still commands enough eye balls in the media space.
He saw a dream, chased it and succeeded with utmost humility all through his life. Today again he is trying something different. A man of his stature, post retirement could have been associated with anything related to cricket and earned all the dollars of the world, yet like a socially responsible citizen he has adopted soccer as a sport and is working towards giving it a bright future.

For most of us, consolidating on our success is the natural next step, but this man has chosen to move beyond his comfort zone. Today he is pushing boundaries, challenging the structure of the sporting systems that has put Indian soccer at the lowest pedestal. He wants it to take it right up, and fans like me continue to hope, because for us  ‘GODS DONT FAIL’.

P.S: All right the end might sound a little exaggerated, but then for those who did not worship him, considered our breed a little weird anyways.

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