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#NirbhayaInsulted: What are we hiding behind?  

A lot of debate on the film ‘India’s Daughter’ actually happened even before the film was seen, and based on this debate/furor it was promptly banned. I don’t blame the naysayers in this case as their perception was based on the despicable statements and lack of remorse by the rapist and his lawyers, which is really blood boiling when you watch it. But that apart, the film actually holds a mirror to the society. It is not only these rapists, but also our society that we need to deal with. The case in point is the statements made by lawyers that are disgusting to the core. People, who are worried that the film would damage the image of our country, should lend an ear to the horrendous statements made by defense lawyers. They would soon realize that it is this mindset that has been damaging our image since ages and we have done nothing about it. While watching the film, a bizarre idea flashes my mind that actually these lawyers deserve the capital punishment more than the rapists in this case. We are a nation where a minister charged with rape continuing in the Union Cabinet does not embarrass us but a documentary on rape does.

It is being said that it is all a TRP game for BBC. I don’t think I would care about that. Let them have their TRP (if that is the case), and let us have our learning from it. There are hundreds, yes you read it right, hundreds of MPs & MLAs in the current parliament and assemblies who have been charged with rape and murder cases are enjoying their affluent lives. They are the ones who have set an example for these rapists that you can get away with anything in this country. We have such national leaders, who shamelessly proclaim in a rally attended by thousands that boys often make such mistakes and they should not be punished severely for that. Is this the reason that our political class was so eager and prompt to ban a film that rips through our pervert mindset? The film actually calls upon to heal the society, bridge the divide between haves and have-nots, if we wish to come anywhere close to solve such issues. Hanging them would at best, subside our anger till the time next case props up in the public domain.

People are raising copy paste questions on social media about BBC not airing documentaries about – ‘Jimmy Saville? or the pedophilia in the British monarchy, where several royal members have been accused of luring young children? Also about the Pakistani grooming gangs in UK’. I don’t know what these cases are and I don’t know whether BBC has any plans to air documentaries on them. I am just waiting for the list to grow and see how many wrongs will make a right. Till the time British or any other society wakes up to its sins, we cannot miss a chance provided by this most unfortunate incident to cleanse our own society.

The film is indeed very disturbing but DOES NOT work as ‘platform for the rapist’, as declared by some learned journalists and social commentators. In fact, it infuriates you further and makes your resolve stronger. This should urge our judiciary to get done with these retards as soon as possible and encourage our society to take control of the sick minds and heal them.

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