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My Husband Made Me a Prostitute

But he didn’t have to force me. I volunteered myself. Initially my family and my in laws had a problem, but now they’ve adjusted to my new lifestyle.

In my profession I get to meet various kinds of people everyday, mostly brats and unsatisfied husbands. The more I see them the more my heart fills with pride, because I know my husband would never do something like this.

A few months back I hated prostitutes, obviously then I’d never thought I would become one. But now my perception has changed. It gives me a new name everyday, not to mention a new man as well.

The pimp who gave me this job makes sure I sleep with safe customers. He even suggested I undergo tubectomy, to avoid any sort of hindrance. I am considering his suggestion but I guess I’ll have to take my husband’s permission. But I’ll have to wait for it, because he doesn’t talk to me. He doesn’t talk to anyone. He is in coma. The doctor says he needs to be operated within 2 months. We’ve sold our houses, our cars. Our parents are too old to work. With the education I have, prostitution wasn’t the only option, but I chose it, because it was the highest paid.

Sometimes I wish he hadn’t left for the party that Saturday. That’s when the truck hit him. My doctor says his spinal cord had been shattered, and it’s a miracle that he survived.

I am sure this isn’t the future he had planned for me, but I don’t mind living it. May be I die everyday, but I’m sure my husband will live one day.

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source url Don’t drink and drive.

Issued in public interest by the author of this blog.


    1. Deepthi, this is just a way the author wanted to pass on the message. I think you went overboard. Its a very important message and the harsher you can, the better for you.

  1. What does prostitution have to do with her husband drinking?
    Given the situation that is described here, “it was her education of lack of it” your words not mine, that led her to choose the profession. So if her husband had died of natural causes, it would have led to her choosing prostitution as a profession.

    So what are you really trying to say? You seem confused Sir.

    Also, I agree with Deepthi SVS. It is up to you how you want to live.

    1. Lol. 😀 Really? Don’t you see the obvious logical fallacies in the story? At the end, the message is lost, I am afraid. I was confused

  2. Today her husband is in coma and she takes to prostitution. A few years later when she will no longer be wanted in this profession, which other law will she break? Will she start stealing and kidnapping?

    As indicated by the admin, the real problem is drunk driving (and) atrociously high medical costs. One cannot create more problems while trying to get away from others.

    1. Morals of the story:
      a) After husband’s untimely death wife’s profession is prostitution.
      b) Untimely death due to drunken driving alone causes this
      c) Husbands of well educated and working women can drink nd drive

        1. No, the story is pathetic to be gentle….There is more focus on the prostitution industry and the semantics of the industry than on drunken driving. Pursuit of impact has led to dilution of message. Poor story telling….

          1. it is certainly an out-of-the-box approach to the topic. I guess, Joybrato enjoys creative liberty to come up with this approach. The effectiveness of the message is a subjective matter…

          2. Out of box does not mean lack of logic. Shyam points out very well the flaws in the story. The story has no impact whatsoever because of its flaws which stand straight up. Of course you have all the creative liberty. However, you can say nonsense and get away with the ‘creative liberty’ argument. And as far as the effectiveness of the message goes, it is not really in the interest of the public for things like drinking and driving to be subjective now is it?

  3. This story reminds me of “No Entry”. There Bipasha chose to be bar dancer to take care of the medical bills of her husband and here the wife chooses prostitution. then “laga chunri mei daag” is also there..someday, this too would be made into a bollywood or artsy movie 😛

    Don’t agree with the logic…, but it’s someone’s take…which can be dangerous.

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