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My 5 questions to Bharatiya Janata Party and Narendra Modi

BJP yesterday started asking “5 questions” to Aam Aadmi Party and Arvind Kejriwal. These included questions on the minority government they ran for 49 days to the VIP security Arvind had that he had denied initially.

While they comfortably asked questions after questions and they made a campaign out of it, they forgot the lofty, mostly audacious promises made by a certain CM of Gujarat who is now the Prime Minister of the country. I thought as a responsible citizen of the country, I should remind the government of the day and the Prime Minister some of those. So here you go, below is the list of my five questions to BJP and Shri Narendra Modi.

1. Dear Prime Minister Sir, where is my 15 lakhs that you so blandly promised in many speeches I so fondly heard when you campaigned to become the Prime Minister of India. I had my tongue come out with greed when I first heard that promise. I waited for three months than as you promised. I gave you a month’s grace period but now its seven months. Sir, if not 15, at least give half of that. I also have an offer towards the 15-lakh from you. Wait, I also have a question. Do I have to pay taxes on the amount? I thought I will ask and clarify J.

2. Sir, congratulations on the Nuclear deal. You have really pulled something off. But isn’t it the same deal that the former Prime Minister Manmohan Singh had drafted and ran helter skelter for support to get it passed. I am sure it is important for the country. Question is, if it is such an important thing, why did BJP oppose it when UPA was trying to implement it. Oh, I forgot, there is also something called unnecessary politics, isn’t it?

3. Sir, 4 kids are good. In fact they are awesome. But Sir, you know how expensive things have become. In fact since you have come to power, prices have increased further. So I wanted to ask if the Government or the supporters of it (the corporate honchos you take for holidays when you go abroad) provide any monitory support for managing costs.

4. A related question to the above is how many children to produce Sir. Please don’t confuse us. Some say we should produce 4, some day 5. Please tell us uniformly. We believed you when you made those promises, we will believe you again. Lastly, is a girl child ok or it has to be 4 boys.

5. My last question if for Kashmir Sir. When is the problem of Kashmiri pundits getting solved? Why a certain 56-inch chest in a designer suite not being able to control cross border firing and terrorist infiltration. That was a loud thumping claim before elections. BJP had big plans for Kashmiri pundits; we all assumed that within months the problems of those people would get solved. But like every other government, you are also ignoring them. On behalf of Kashmiri pundits, can I get a time bound assurance from the government? Oh btw, there was a certain article 370, which was a hit issue during elections. Remind me what was it about?

Sir, I could have asked more questions but I thought for better comprehension we should go from five to five :).

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