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Music Review: Happy New Year: Overall Poor with Good bits


“It’s hilarious and pathetic how desperately this tacky rape-rapper is trying to ride on the fame of SRK and Chennai Express”. These were the golden words said by Vishal Shekhar, when he had no clue that Yo Yo had composed a song for the film. Of course that number was Lungi Dance, and it went on to become the number one song of 2013.

Cut to 2014 and the Vishal-Shekhar are back to the silver screen with their latest musical extravaganza ‘Happy New Year’. Shahrukh Khan films have always been high on music quality, infact most of his flops in the past have had some very awful music. This element is an integral part of his movies that help him generate enough hype and success eventually.

The album has 8 originals, an instrumental, remix and a medley each. At a total run time of 42 minutes 19 seconds, it is lengthy by any standard, but then we are talking about Hindi films, which prefer melodrama to anything else.

1) The first song of the album is ‘Indiawaale’ and I cringed after looking at that video. What on earth are the directors trying to say? Run of the mill stuff, with absolutely no recall view. This song gets thumbs down.

2) Manwa lage actually isn’t a bad number. Infact this song is one of the better songs of the complete album. The chemistry between the lead does add the required zing to this soothing number.

3) Satakli sung by Sukhwinder Singh, reminded me of dekha jo tujhe yaar from apna sapna money money. Err! First bit felt like a copy. We prefer originals man!!!

4) The only thing lovely about this song is Deepika’s oomph baaki all bakwaas.

5) Chhamiya sung by Sunidhi unfortunately lacks the spunk and has zero fresh value. Sounds more like the rehash of Vishal Shekhar’s earlier music.

6) Sharaabi again disappoints. It seems Farah Khan has chosen opulence over content. The magic of Om Shanti Om is missing in this album.

7) The Kamli in Dhoom 3 was rocking; this one is soda water in front of it. Though compared to others, it still has its heart in the right place. Making it worth at least once. The rap is fitted perfectly in this one.

8) There is one song that is completely banking on its singer’s quality and understanding of the trend. Yes, I am talking about Mika Singh’s Nonsense Ki Night. It’s a sure-shot hit. It’s ‘desi’ in nature and going to be a favourite with local DJs.

get link The Verdict: 2 stars out of 5. P.S: I get this eerie feeling that this movie is Dil to Pagal hai meets Italian Job. I hope that is not the case though.


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