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MSK’s thumbs up to Snapdeal, the power of a strong platform proved again

You read this. Snapdeal also read the article, rather a customer grievance, a true one.

And Snapdeal replied,

“In this case we deeply regret the inconvenience caused to Sahil due to a mix up. Your feedback helps us grow and every mistake is an opportunity for us to learn to serve you better. We want to take this opportunity to share with you our commitment to keep working towards providing you the best products and maximum savings while creating the best online shopping experience for you.”

Not only did Snapdeal just feel bad for the customer, they also gifted him the same printer for free.

This is vindication of the fact that a strong platform can talk to the strongest brands and get their issues redressed. This chain is possibly the most important chain for the whole ecosystem of online business.

Few days back I was facing some issues with Vodafone. I tried many times to contact them over phone and failed miserably and then I tried Twitter. Surprisingly it worked. I got an immediate response, got a call and my problem was solved.

As online businesses, especially the ones in the e-commerce domain get bigger, what they should not lose track of is customer satisfaction. Losing customer satisfaction is like losing your breath because an irate customer could become a bigger pain on your back than even your worst logistical nightmare. Sometimes though some technical issues make brands err on their part. We guess this case was similar. Snapdeal is a huge company which ships lakhs of consignments daily and this was a human error more than anything. What they did to counter the dissatisfied customer though was amazing. This to me is customer delight.

The role of platforms like Mission Sharing Knowledge also becomes important because they not just publish any grievance that you post. They cross verify and if the publishers believe that the author does not have malafide intentions and has been not dealt properly by the brand, only then do they publish.

Feedback is an inevitable and indispensable part of any business and we are glad Snapdeal has listened.

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