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Movie Review: Ungli: Show the middle finger to the makers instead


http://kirschelectricalservices.com/wp-json/oembed/1.0/embed?url=http://kirschelectricalservices.com/contact-us/ Cast: Emraan Hashmi, Sanjay Dutt, Randeep Hooda, Kangana Ranaut, Neha Dhupia & Angad Bedi.

click Directed by: Rensil D Silva

buy accutane forum Disclaimer: I don’t know about the heroes in this project. It has a massive ensemble cast, but the villain surely is the writer, Milap Zaveri.

Plot: Government officials heckle an old man for his pension. Out of sheer helplessness, the old man revolts and suffers a minor stroke. A group of masked individual’s bomb straps the government officials responsible for the old man’s condition. They continue to take the menace of corruption in their own hands by forming gang and naming it Ungli. Over a period of time, the gang gains popularity as it does the dirty job of uprooting corruption, which actually is the duty of the lawmakers. Eventually the system swings into action, in trying to unmask the people behind the veil.

Actor Prepares: To be honest, that is quite an impressive ensemble cast. And to be bitterly truthful, none have been utilized properly. Seeing the movie establishes the reason behind Kangana missing from the promotions. Why was she even there in the film? Emraan is someone who dominates proceedings if his dialogues are hard hitting and powerful, to be honest those lines are stupid. Randeep Hooda has this uncanny habit of shining through and it maintains his strike rate here. Sanjay Dutt an honest cop, ahem ok.

Director’s Cut: It’s quite ironical that the writer shares his surname with the famous jewelry bazaar of Mumbai. No! Honestly, because he is the only one who possibly will make money out of this nonsense. Rensil’s intentions with this film no doubt was noble, but some how even an intelligent filmmaker like him took the obvious hero worship route than concentrating on the story. Ungli has very little technical finesse and it’s a shame that someone who gave us memorable films like Rang De Basanti has done ‘ungli’ in the minds of the audiences this time.

Spoilers: Now a days its fashion to copy the style of Rajat Arora (dialogue writer) and of course get it horribly wrong. It also is fashionable to sound humorous and intelligent at the same time, without realizing that ultimately these bunch of jokers come from our society only. The music that normally adds zing to such movies is missing in this film. As far as direction is concerned, lesser said the better.]


Grades: F (FAIL. Sorry! Epic Fail)

P.S: The film is as stupid as its title. Please save your hard earned money and watch Arnab Goswami on television instead. His style of ungli is much better.

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