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Movie Review: Singh Saab the Great: Watch It For Sunny


buy accutane online yahoo Cast: Sunny Deol, Urvashi Rautela, Amrita Rao

robaxin 750 mg dosage Director: Anil Sharma Introduction: Sunny Deol all the way, the writers it seemed had clear instructions to be one sided towards a monologue Sunny Deol. Thankfully they did because anything else did not look like worth 2 and a half hours. The film is all about Sunny and his dhai kilo ka haath and brawns over brains. You hear the dialogues and you get flashbacks of Ghatak and Ghayal. The good thing is you don’t get bored like some of Deol’s last few film choices.

Plot: Collector Karanjit Talwar (Sunny Deol) is an honest officer and is well known for his qualities in the political world. Like all Sunny’s big films, he gets face to face with a villain having been posted in corrupt Bhudev Singh’s (Prakasj Raj) area. Talwar takes on Bhudev and Bhudev brings Talwar’s family into all of it, creating a clear 1990 flick with a touch of 2013.

The film though is not that. A new plot unveils after Talwar loses his family and lands in jail. He though does not lose heart and mind, how can Sunny lose it? He maintains his will power and mental strength and emerges as a social worker under the name of Singh Saab and fights Bhudev. Its a unique revenge from there. Watch to know.

Acting: Sunny Deol is brilliant. Urvashi is a clear misfit where as Amrita Rao works well in patches. Prakash Raj as always is a class performer in a negative role. The others as mentioned above are unsubstantial to talk in a clear Sunny Deol all the way film.

Tech Spec: Anil Sharma knows Sunny’s strengths and hence delivers a good one from Directors POV. The camerawork and music though could had been much better. Also the social worker angle is something that Sunny Deol suit exactly too.

Kela Moments: The performances of Johny Lever and Sanjay Mishra as clowns could had been easily avoided

Citizen Kane Moment: Prakash Raj and Sunny Deol’s first encounter. Prakash Raj is someone who clearly makes you hate him in the film.

Brownie Points: 2 out of 5

PS: Ankush Kumar ain’t in town and this job of writing reviews ain’t suiting the administrator at all considering the flawless Hindi films coming his way in the last couple of weeks. 




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