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Movie Review: Ram-Leela


Cast: Deepika Padukone, Ranveer Singh, Supriya Pathak & Richa Chadha.

Introduction: Vibrant colors, large sets, magnum opus feeling, this one is a SLB take on Romeo & Juliet. In hindsight, Ishaqzaade was its scaled down version.

Plot: The Rajadi and Sanera community have been at loggerheads for centuries now. In this quiet fictional Gujrat town of Ranjaar  their epic clashes is part of folklore. In one holi celebration Deepika & Ranveer see each other and it is lust at first sight. Eventually hatred supercedes lust and how love triumphs forms the plot.

Acting: Deepika as Leela sizzles, her chemistry with Ranveer is brash has its sexual overtones and the way she carries herself, will put even the perverts to shame.
Ranveer, out of the lootera mode matches Deepika blow by blow and like a true heavyweight champion doesnt gives up till the final knockout punch. Supriya Pathak is menancing, Richa Chadha puts in a quiet yet resounding performance.

Tech Spec: SLB and music go hand in hand, the only reason I had this eerie feeling this one was a blockbuster in the making was its music, the tunes lived up to it. The cinematography was breath taking, what faltered though was the direction. Personally too much songs all at the wrong time has made Ram Leela go a few notches lower.

Citizen Kane moment: The cheeky one liners and dialogue deliveries between Ram and Leela.

Kela moment: The heart melt scene between a little boy and Supriya Pathak. That was plain stupid. It was playing to the gallery.

Brownie Points: 3 out of 5.

P.S: I am suppose to review Rajjo too, dear editor can we sum it up in this fashion ‘instead watch Ram Leela twice, the pain still invariably would be lesser’.

IFK Always!

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