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Movie Review: NH-10: Anushka Sharma’s best, Amazing film


Cast: Anushka Sharma, Neil Bhooplam & Darshan Kumar

Directed by: Navdeep Singh

see First Take: Abhay Deol did serious cinema as an actor, but when it came to producing his own he made a damp squib love story. Anushka Sharma has done exactly the opposite. It is not often that we see a Bollywood film capturing a relationship so realistically. No wonder then this film NH-10 is a winner from the word go.

go site Story: The story is about an urban couple Meera (Anushka Sharma) and Arjun (Neil Bhoopalam), two young professionals from Bangalore, staying in Gurgaon. Otherwise capable and independent Meera gets the first taste of fear when she is attacked by a group of men while returning from work late in the night. Arjun plans to take her away to a holiday resort to get over the trauma. But on their way back, they happen to witness something absolutely unimaginable yet so disturbingly real that in an instant their holiday turns into a relentless horror story, as they desperately struggle to keep themselves alive.

go to link Star Power: Anushka Sharma excels in the role of a bruised woman plopped in scary situations and Neil does a fair job of playing a husband who makes a few bad calls. His impulsiveness to take on those barbaric men at times seems out of character, but somehow the director sells the story correctly to the viewers making it an interesting watch.

Behind the scenes: The script has its moments of absurdness but then the actors make up for its shortcomings. But the true master of this film is its storyteller. Director Navdeep Singh has taken eight years to make another film and delivers an absolute hard hitting one. All the departments have ticked the right boxes when it comes to NH-10. The background score is haunting enough, the action sequences is in your face with a dash of realism attached to it. Seeing this film makes me wonder what took producers so long in backing a talent of his stature.

WTF: The sequence of Anushka putting on a new avtar on her birthday was a huge let down. It was executed in the most absurd and borderline weird manner.

Editor’s Take: “These villages don’t have electricity or water, what makes you think they will have their constitutional rights”. This and many such glaring realities are brought forth through Navdeep Singh’s NH 10. This film does not shy away from glorifying human’s penchant for primitiveness. The film shows the glaring differences between Indian cities on the cusp of development and the villages around it. NH 10 is what Badlapur could have been. Barring a few loopholes, again taken care of by its editor and actors this film is a must watch this weekend.

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

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