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Movie Review: Liar’s Dice: A Perfect Indian Entry for Oscar

FacebookTwitterGoogleLinkedIn Cast: Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Geetanjali Thapa & Murari Kumar.

buy modafinil online from uk Directed by: Geetu Mohandas

buy accutane pills Introduction: The entire team at Mission Sharing Knowledge congratulates the director and the actors for this brilliant film. We hope you have a successful run at the academy next year. Yes! Ladies & Gentleman, this film has been chosen as the official entry to the Oscars from India.

Plot: A headstrong, beautiful woman from a picturesque village at Indian-Tibetan border sets out on a hazardous journey with her small daughter and a goat to find her husband in Delhi. A rough army fugitive runs to their aid. It’s a poetic, dramatic road movie. In her first feature film Geetu Mohandas cleverly skirts the issues of construction workers being recruited through the mafia and presents a road movie where the two protagonists Nawazuddin and Geetanjali emote through various tones and moods.

can you buy aspirin with codeine in canada Actor Prepares: Nawazuddin remains a cipher, a possibly disgraced ex-border policeman with a misanthropic attitude who surprises with carnival-barker-like skills in drawing crowds to the titular sucker’s shell game. Fortunately, Siddiqui has ample charisma, providing shading where the script leaves his character blank. In a miniscule role, character actor Murari Kumar shines through.

Director’s Cut: Geetu is certainly one of the exciting, cinematically eloquent film talents from India whose time is yet to come. Siddiqui, the new shooting star in Indian cinema, and the beautiful, young and talented Geetanjali Thapa establish in their acting a perfect balance between deep drama and everyday reality. Sophisticated direction and breathtaking photography allow the audience to contemplate and become immersed in this captivating drama.

Spoilers: For a road movie, there seems many instances where the script draws a blank, road movies generally tend to be fast paced but the director takes her own leisurely time to set the tone and at times there have been abrupt solutions to certain problems shown in the movie. Though this is no commercial endeavor, yet it’s a remarkable film.

Just Wow: This year, it was a 30-way race to the Oscars. Liar’s Dice was picked from a record number of films submitted, including Kangana Ranaut’s Queen, Rajkummar Rao’s National Award-winning Shahid, Riteish Deshmukh-produced Marathi film Yellow and Bengali film Jaatishwar starring Prosenjit.

Grade: A+++


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