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Movie Review: Krrish 3: A Soulless Film


go Directed by: Rakesh Roshan.

order Neurontin overnight Introduction: Mid way directing this installment, it appears Rakesh Roshan realised he needed divine intervention. And we had that lazy song ‘God Allah Bhagwan’ if this sounds absurd, maybe you deserve to watch the movie and partner with some pain inflicted upon me.

Plot: Krishna leads a happy married life, Rohit keeps devising formulas for a better world, Krrish is invincible from frame one, somewhere in the other world Kaal is planning to destroy Mumbai by spreading a deadly virus, how Krrish saves the city forms the plot.

omnicef 250 mg dosage Acting: Kaal played by Vivek Oberoi is a wheel chair bound megalomaniac, who in search of a bone marrow so that he can stand again, is outstanding in the movie. Hrithik had rightly said ‘his character breaks the stereotype’. Kangana aka Kaya born in an incubator is half human and half chameleon brings in the spirit of evil brilliantly well. The tragedy is you would want to be Kaal rather than Krrish!

Tech Spec: What is a super hero film without special effects? Sadly none of what we say hasn’t been seen or tried before. Some of the action sequences are mind blowing though! The edits and cinematography disappoints, its time we gave away those lengthy and lame songs. It killed the movie totally.

Kela moment: The climax duel between Krrish & Kaal is long, boring and leaves you emotionally and mentally bankrupt. For a length of thirty minutes it’s a very bitter pill to swallow.

Citizen Kane moment: The opening saviour act by Krrish is the most prolific action sequence choreographed.

Brownie Points: 2.5 out of 5.

go here P.S: Krrish 3 more or less is a soul less film, totally devoid of emotional energy and hopelessly trapped in excess. Sans the message that each one of us has a super hero within, this is a fire cracker that fizzles out this diwali!

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