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Movie Review: Kaanchi: A Boring Headache


source url Cast: Mithun Chakraborty, Kartik Tiwary & Mishti. Directed by: Subhash Ghai. Disclaimer: Yes! You read the above name right. The showman is back after a six year long hiatus. Does he live up to the aura? (sing along) Kaanchi re Kaanchi.

Plot: Kaanchi is a village belle from Koshumpa Uttrakhand. She is free spirited, bindaas and challenges the societal norms. It is Binda played by Kartik who stands up against anti social elements out there to destroy the pictueresque Koshampa. In return he is killed. How Kaanchi is witness to the crime and stands up against the mighty forms the story of this movie.

Actor Prepares: 400 girls auditioned (i take that sir, unemployment is high in India) Mishti the chosen one? Why? Why? Have you really missed the bus in here? How can the showman go wrong in spotting talent? Somebody said think Ash in Taal & Mahima in Pardes, really? I say just think any bad actor and you have the leading lady. Kartik Tiwary, the oh so adorable guy from pyaar ka panchnama, you could have done better. Mithun Da & Rishi Sir have paid fitting tributes to Subhash Ghai.

Director’s Cut: Did we just see this film in 2014? Can someone please invent a time machine? Can someone dare to tell the Showman that Karz was a golden jubileee about 30 years back? The screenplay is shoddy, the music uninspiring, from the word go the movie drags on and on relentlessly.

Just wow: One moment of sheer magic does exist. You need to give it to the Showman in here. The scene where Kaanchi explodes against her mother and escapes her clutches to fight justice for the deceased is the selling point of the film.

Grading: F (FAIL)

P.S: The spoilers section would have consumed a lot of words so lets keep it simple. If you still wish to see this film, don’t forget your disprin tablets at home.

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