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Movie Review: Happy New Year: Even Shah Rukh Khan Cannot Save This


http://antiquewarehousemall.com/2012/05/haskel-earrings/ Cast: Deepika Padukone, Shahrukh Khan, Abhishek Bachchan, Sonu Sood, Boman Irani & Vivan Shah & Jackie Shroff.

follow Directed by: Farah Khan.

http://modul.nl/nl/producten/8 Disclaimer: Tees Maar Khan proved one thing, Farah isn’t a wow director and she she needs SRK to sell her product. So here we are again in familiar territory, the deadly duo is back, to create some masala magic all over again. Do they succeed in their latest endeavor? Read on!

Plot: Mr. Grover (Jackie) is a business tycoon who in the past has wronged Charlie’s (SRK) father. Now the old man languishes in jail serving sentence for a crime he has not committed. Charlie over the news (quite obvious eh!) gets informed that nine priceless diamonds are coming to Dubai for an exhibition, that are being protected by Mr. Grover. At the same time, the world dance championship is taking place, again an event sponsored by guess whom? Yeah! Mr. Grover. So Charlie hatches a plan and surrounds himself with five buffoons to unlock the toughest vault and teach Grover saab a tit for tat lesson. Phew!

Actor prepares: An ensemble cast is not Shahrukh’s cup of tea. Yet he manages to hold forte. At times he has hammed, but then that is his trademark isn’t it? Sonu Sood is horrible at whatever he does, Boman Irani surprisingly disappoints. Vivaan, err! Are you sure he is Naseer Saab’s son? But the man who takes the cake…. Surprise! Surprise! Is Abhishek Bachchan He has done remarkably well alongwith Deepika and is the biggest hit in this Bollywood masala nonsense.

Director’s Cut: Farah Khan….What happened? Is this because of an overdose of your sibling’s films? The film is absolutely rubbish. The introduction scenes of all actors, yes including SRK are dramatically overboard and unfortunately suit no one except Dippy a little. Everyone bloody has a back-story, trying to justify a wrong act? Ok for once the music doesn’t looks forced. At three hours the film is excruciatingly long. It needed a good pair of scissors. The other elements like camera, sets, costumes are all in the right place, unfortunately its heart is not.

Just Wow: The opening shot of the movie is brilliantly executed…. The rest is err…. Read the next section please…

Spoilers: If listening to English can give you an orgasm and you call it entertainment, then this is your kinda film, if watching over exposure of Parsi characters is funny then HNY is your kinda film, if watching Sajid Khan in a guest appearance is in your wish list then HNY is your kinda film, if senseless laughs is your taste then please watch humshakals, atleast the film had zero expectations. HNY still had something to look forward too, not that it is any lesser compared to the former no brainer.

Grade: C (Below average film, with very little entertainment value. Watch it on TV instead)

P.S: Thank you Cinemax cinemas for your gold class seats, atleast it lets us sleep peacefully. Err not exactly.


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