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Movie Review: Dolly ki Doli: Sonam can’t act saala

FacebookTwitterGoogleLinkedIn>green-and-pink_free-size/?add-to-cart=3290 Cast: Sonam Kapoor, Pulkit Samrat, Rajkumar Rao & Varun Sharma.

watch Directed by: Abhishek Dogra

buy Pregabalin mastercard First Take: So how does one critique a film that has accusations of plagiarism already? Obvious answer folks, watch the original. Then have the moral rights in the world to rip out such producers who make even a simple story into a bizaare and an obnoxious one. Of course the other bit that we all can do is pray, that the Supreme Court does a crack down on copyright infringement too. We need better and stringent laws to stop such ‘inspired’ activities.

Story: Dolly (Sonam Kapoor) along with a fake family comprising of a brother and grandmother cons suitable grooms. She honey traps them into marriage, but ensures she doesn’t consummate the relationship. On the first night, she drugs the ‘doodh ka glass’ and runs away with the loot. Pulkit Samrat plays a cop, who is given the task of nabbing Dolly ki Toli. He achieves his target, and both land up falling for each other.

Star Power: However hard the ‘Filmfare’ backed Hindi film industry tries, it doesn’t convince me that Sonam Kapoor can act. Now if one watches the original Punjabi film its copied from, the actor there was outstanding. Maybe Sonam could have taken a cue from there. Rajkumar Rao, there are better scripts too choose even if you want to break your serious image.

Behind the scenes: If a captain is considered as good as his team, its the same with films. Our cinema is worth the audience we are. Habituated of accepting trash, films like Dolly ki Doli come along abusing our sensibilities to the core. Nobody ever seems to work hard on the story screenplay and dialogues. No one is bothered to apply rational thinking; no one cares a damn that our urban generation who has grown up on Hollywood cinema will rip such films to shreds. Because there is an audience that will watch it for a stupid item number.

WTF: In the age of Instagram, where color correction has become easier then it actually is, in an age where everyone holding a smart phone is a photographer, did the makers really believe that we will buy the no photograph theory of Dolly during all her fake marriages.

Editor’s Take: Cut Copy Paste the thoughts from Tevar. OK! Thank you!

Rating: 1 out of 5

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